WWE Rumors Roundup: Seth Rollins match against NXT Superstar, Scrapped plans for Rhea Ripley

#5 WWE News: Seth Rollins targeted by NXT Superstar

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE News - Seth Rollins targeted by NXT Superstar - Sports Info Now

Former NXT Champion Karrion Kross teased a possible face-off with Seth Rollins by calling this match ‘Inevitable’. On fan posted and suggested match of Karrion Kross vs. Seth Rollins. Then Kross reacted to that photo with a GIF of Tick Tock and wrote the caption ‘Inevitable’.

That fan suggested that Karrion Kross vs. Seth Rollins is a dream match to making and WWE must make it happen. After seeing Karrion Kross’s response to that fan, looks like he is expecting that at some point in the future he wants a match against Seth Rollins.

NXT Superstar teases possible match with Seth Rollins

But we have to wait longer for this match to be happening because both men are on different brands. Karrion Kross is on NXT brand and Seth Rollins on SmackDown brand right now.

Seth Rollins right now on paternity leave because his girlfriend and former WWE Women’s Champion Becky Lynch gave birth to their child. But it is expected that Seth Rollins may make his WWE return at Royal Rumble 2021 match as a surprise entrant.

This is the top WWE Breaking News from WWE Rumors Roundup: Seth Rollins match against NXT Superstar, Scrapped plans for Rhea Ripley, and more.

#4 WWE Rumors: WWE’s scrapped plans for Rhea Ripley on the main roster

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Rumors - WWE's scrapped plans for Rhea Ripley on the main roster - Sports Info Now

Former NXT and NXT UK Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley had an amazing run on both NXT UK and then NXT brands. She is impressive with her in-ring skills, potential, and mic skill. Now looks like Rhea Ripley is all set and ready to explore WWE’s main roster and that was supposed to be happening a few weeks back.

WWE Rumors and Spoilers 2021 stated that there were WWE’s plans for Rhea Ripley to move her on to the main roster couple of weeks back. However, WWE pulls that plan back for some time but we can expect that Rhea Ripley may debut on the main roster sooner than later.

Here is WWE Latest News and Rumors:

“Rhea Ripley is on the main roster. She was gonna debut a couple of weeks ago but they put it off for a couple of weeks. A couple of weeks is now.”

Earlier, WWE latest updates 2021 suggested that Rhea Ripley’s loss to Raquel Gonzalez is part of WWE’s plan to move Rhea Riley to the main roster just like Riddle.

WWE Reports: Recently scrapped plans for Rhea Ripley’s main roster move

Here is WWE News:

“The current belief is that last night’s New Year’s Evil broadcast was planned to be the final NXT appearances for Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest and they each will be shifted to the main roster. While things can always change based on the whims of Vince McMahon, Priest’s loss to Karrion Kross and Rhea’s loss to Raquel Gonzalez were devised with the idea those were the end of the NXT chapters of their career.”

Rhea Riley is no stranger to the main roster ring as she already gives so many appearances on the main roster during her feud against Charlotte Flair for Wrestlemania 36.

There is another speculation or expectation that Rhea Ripley could make her way into the 2021 Women’s Royal Rumble match. Then she could debut and start her feud against the main roster superstar.

This is the top WWE Headline from WWE Rumors Roundup: Seth Rollins match against NXT Superstar, Scrapped plans for Rhea Ripley, and more.

#3 WWE Updates: Meiko Satomura signs with WWE

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Updates - Meiko Satomura signs with WWE - Sports Info Now

WWE’s latest updated news stated that Japanese Wrestling Sensation Meiko Satomura is the latest star who signed with WWE. She will be joining WWE for both as a coach as well as in-ring competitor roles.

According to WWE news and rumors, Satomura joins the WWE NXT UK brand. She works there with superstars like Piper Niven, Jinny, Isla Dawn, and the current women’s champion Kay Lee Ray.

In the future Meiko Satomura wrestles in the WWE ring then that is not the first time that Satomura competes in WWE. She already took part in the 2018 Mae Young Classic. She won three matches in that tournament and on her way to the Sami-finals. But in Sami-final, she lost to Toni Strom.

A current champion in WWE wants to face Meiko Satomura

Meiko Satomura has huge experience in the pro wrestling business. She spent over 25 years in this business and still counting. She won so many titles during her legendary career.

In 2020, the current SmackDown Women’s Champion showed her interest in wrestles against Meiko Satomura. She hopes that this match could happen anytime soon in the future. If this happens then it could be the dream match between two popular superstars.

#2 WWE Spoilers: Charlotte Flair talked about her future match against Becky Lynch

WWE Spoilers - Charlotte Flair talked about her future match against Becky Lynch - Sports Info Now

Charlotte Flairs said that she would be admired if she goes one-on-one with Becky Lynch in a single match in the Saudi Arabia show. In 2018, WWE decided and make a deal with the Saudi Arabia authority to held two WWE shows each year. In Saudi Arabia show, the authority gives permission to WWE for female matches on the show but with some guidelines.

Then we saw two female matches on the Saudi Arabia show till now. First in 2019, at Crown jewel pay per view, we saw the match of Lacey Evans vs. Natalya. Later in 2020, at the WWE Super ShowDown show, we witnessed Bayley vs. Naomi match.

Now UFM’s Faisal said that Charlotte Flair vs, Becky Lynch would be his dream in the Saudi Arabia show. Later Charlotte Flair gives her response to that comment and said that she would love to face Becky Lynch or any other WWE superstars in the country.

Charlotte Flair discusses future match against Becky Lynch in Saudi Arabia

Here are Charlotte Flair’s words:

“That sounds amazing! I would be honored and I know she would be as well. Yeah, I would love that. Any opponent, actually. If Becky’s not back yet, I would love just to have the opportunity to perform there.”

In the past, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flairs faced each other on five different occasions in WWE pay per view between September 2018 to May 2019. Apart from singles matches, they both involved another two matches that were Triple Threat matches. First at SummerSlam 2018 with Carmella and then at the main event of Wrestlemania 35 with Ronda Rousey.

Becky Lynch is on Maternity leave right now. She gave birth to the child of her and Seth Rollins. It’s not clear that when Becky Lynch makes her WWE return. While Charlotte Flair right now our current one half of Women’s Tag Team Champion. She defends her titles alongside Asuka at Royal Rumble 2021. She also enters in 2021 Women’s Royal Rumble match on the show.

#1 WWE Rumours: Goldberg revealed few superstar names as future of WWE

WWE Rumours - Goldberg revealed few superstar names as future of WWE - Sports Info Now

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg took few names of those WWE superstars who he feels are the future of WWE. Goldberg attends a Q&A session recently. During that session, Goldberg was asked to take the names of the current WWE roster as he thinks they could be the future of WWE. In reply, Goldberg took four superstars’ names who impress him.

Here are Goldberg’s words:

“I mean the usual suspects… Drew McIntyre, Keith Lee, and Ricochet. I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Finn Bálor. I’d have to say those four are the future. There’s no question about it. In my opinion. And what do I know?”

Goldberg reveals which Superstars he feels are “the future” of WWE

It’s not surprising that Drew McIntyre’s name in the loss of Goldberg is the future of WWE. After all Drew McIntyre is the current WWE Champion and has enough potential to carry forward WWE in the future.

Another name in Goldberg’s list is expected that Keith Lee as many pundits and even WWE officials believes that he could be a key player for WWE in the future. It’s also interesting that Master of Spear took on notice the potential of Ricochet and the performance of Finn Balor.

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