5 Possible directions for Seth Rollins following his Royal Rumble return – Face turn, partnership with Roman Reigns?

There were several surprise returns at the 2021 Royal Rumble, but the biggest one may have belonged to Seth Rollins, who entered the men’s match at No. 29 and made an immediate impact. The Messiah had been off WWE TV for a couple of months to be with his fiancee Becky Lynch, as they welcomed their first child.

But now, Rollins is back. He looks as good as ever and seems ready to become a big part of Friday Night SmackDown. With the Blue brand firing on all cylinders, one has to wonder what Seth Rollins might get up to.

Chances are that it will be pretty exciting. This return provides the four-time WWE World champion with a chance to paint a new picture or perhaps, go back to an old one. There are several possibilities for what might be in store for Rollins upon his return to weekly WWE programming.

Here are five possible directions for Seth Rollins, following his return at Royal Rumble.

Seth Rollins turns babyface and apologizes to the Mysterio family

It is widely said that becoming a parent changes a person. That statement could be put to practice on SmackDown, with Seth Rollins becoming a father nearly two months ago. His last story in WWE saw him torment the Mysterio family, before getting double-crossed by his disciple, Murphy.

Rollins was at his villainous worst multiple times throughout this rivalry. He ‘extracted’ Rey Mysterio’s eye, destroyed Dominik Mysterio’s body with a kendo stick, and tried to drive a wedge between Aalyah Mysterio and her family by using Murphy. Of course, it backfired in the end, but there will still be bad blood.

Seth Rollins could squash that bad blood on SmackDown and promise that he has become a changed man after experiencing a couple of months of parenthood. A babyface turn simply through the sincerity of his apology to Rey and Dominik Mysterio is possible.

The two parties do not need to be friends at all but if Rollins apologizes to the Mysterios, it would be an effective means of turning him back into a good guy if that is what WWE wants him to be. This is an unlikely option because it seems like Seth Rollins will remain as a heel, based on his Royal Rumble appearance.

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