Daniel Bryan Wants To Wrestle In WWE Till He’s In His 70s

If recent reports are any indications then Daniel Bryan won’t be performing full-time in the WWE for a long time. His active contract is coming to an end, very soon. With growing age being a big factor, he doesn’t want to go through a hectic schedule, anymore. So he realizes that his days to perform at the top level might be coming to a close within just a couple of years.

He has openly spoken about that in the past but the good news is that he won’t hang up his wrestling boots entirely. Solo Wrestling recently spoke to Daniel Bryan to discuss his potential retirement plans. The good thing is that how he doesn’t plan on staying “retired,” fully. Considering his love, he does want to wrestle until he’s old enough.

Daniel Bryan Wants To Wrestle In WWE Till He’s In His 70s 1

“I’m still a full-time wrestler right now, but I don’t think I’ll be a full-time wrestler much longer. I don’t think I’ll be a full-time wrestler for that much longer.”

“I never even envisioned the idea of retiring. Like, I want to wrestle until I’m old, and when I say old, I mean really old. I love wrestling. Like, sometimes I’m inspired by, I don’t wanna say sometimes, a lot of times I’m inspired by people like Jerry Lawler and Terry Funk and even some like European wrestlers like Johnny Saint who will still go out there and wrestle say in their sixties, maybe even seventies. Not because they need the money or not because of this or that. They do it because they love doing it, right?” (Transcription by Ringside News)


Daniel Bryan on his favorite title reign in WWE

Daniel Bryan is often considered to be the most technical wrestler in the entire professional wrestling industry. He loves all aspects of it and this is the reason he worked hard to come out of retirement, a few years ago. He is currently putting efforts as a writer on the SmackDown brand and learning as much as he can about the production process in the company.

Down the line, he could transition into a backstage official but he will continue to wrestle as long as possible. While speaking to Miguel Uceda of Solo Wrestling. Daniel Bryan talked about his championship reigns in WWE. He noted how the run as the Planet’s Champion is his favorite run in the company with the WWE Championship.

“Being the Planet Champion was by far my favorite. It’s interesting because in WWE my reigns have never been very good [laughs].”

Daniel Bryan defeated AJ Styles on the November 13, 2018, episode of Smackdown Live to become the WWE Champion. Bryan noted that before his 2018 reign, all of his reigns as World Champion ended unceremoniously. The latest one ended at the Biggest Stage of WrestleMania 35 where he would lose the belt to Kofi Kingston in a match that was highly appreciated.

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