Reason Roman Reigns Vs Edge Would Be WWE Wrestlemania 37 Main Event

WWFOldschool previously reported in January that there have been some talks of conducting a mega match for Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 37. Moving on from the earlier plans of Daniel Bryan challenging for the Universal Championship, they informed that Edge was gearing up to challenge him in the main event of the show.

Now, The Wrestling Observer has confirmed that Edge, the Men’s Royal Rumble winner is indeed scheduled to challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship despite the fact that he has warned the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre on Raw.

“Not sure when this will be officially announced, but Roman Reigns vs. Edge is the planned main event at WrestleMania.”

Reason Roman Reigns Vs Edge Would Be WWE Wrestlemania 37 Main Event 1

One of the major reasons behind Edge challenging Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 37 is the fact that there is a lack of babyface superstars present on the SmackDown roster. The champion has lately been portraying the role of a monstrous heel with no top babyface opponents left to stand against him on the blue brand.

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No viable option available for Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 37 Main Event

Big E was once supposed to be involved in a feud against Roman Reigns. But now he is stuck in the Intercontinental Title picture and WWE doesn’t want his push to be rushed into the main event World Title picture. So he is expected to be in the mid-card scene.

Shinsuke Nakamura recently turned babyface after that incredible number-one contender’s Gauntlet Match performance, but he’s considered more of a mid-carder or tag team performer. In case, WWE wants to see him in the main event spot, then they will need to re-build him to become a viable option for Roman Reigns.

Reason Roman Reigns Vs Edge Would Be WWE Wrestlemania 37 Main Event 2

Daniel Bryan’s name was also brought up during WrestleMania 37 discussions but Bryan is facing the same issue. He has recently transformed into a jobber who can’t be seen a big threat to Reigns especially after he lost matches to Jey Uso and Cesaro. This was also the supposed reason why WWE didn’t consider him to win the Men’s Rumble.

WWE still plans to do Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan, down the road but the program is likely to begin sooner so that it could be wrapped up within WrestleMania 37. Reigns vs Bryan could happen at Elimination Chamber or FastLane PPV (both of which are scheduled to take place before WrestleMania 37).

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