Ronda Rousey Coming Back To WWE With Husband Travis Browne?

Ronda Rousey isn’t present on WWE TV but her absence didn’t keep her name out of the equation, at all. There have been speculations all over the internet regarding one final run in the company before she hangs up her boots. She hasn’t wrestled since WrestleMania 35, but in recent times, she’s spotted warming up in the ring to make a comeback.

The interesting part is that The Baddest Woman On The Planet isn’t training alone as her husband Travis Browne is getting involved in the scene, as well. It’s not the first time that he was spotted sweating out with Ronda Rousey, though. But now it seems this has something to do with the in-ring return of his wife.

Ronda Rousey Coming Back To WWE With Husband Travis Browne? 1

Browne does possess vast experience as a UFC fighter inside the Octagon, but he’s recently been working way more than MMA. According to the reports of Fightful Select, Browne has been working on his selling and timing as well. Perhaps, this could mean a professional wrestling entry for the MMA athlete who hasn’t fought since July 2017. This could be the reason he and Rousey were seen training with “Cowboy” James Storm at an “undisclosed location.”

Update on Ronda Rousey and Travis Browney

It’s definitely not known when Ronda Rousey will wrestle again, but she might come along with a mixed tag team partner who also appears to be her real-life partner. Pictures surfaced on the internet “several times” in California from her training sessions and it has something to do with an eventual return. Travis Browne was present in all of them.

Ringside News also reported that Browne has been working on his timing and selling who also managed to impress people with his agility despite his bigger size. His name is still in the USADA drug-testing pool required for UFC fighters. Previously, he was there during Rousey’s WrestleMania 35 main event match build in WWE storyline perspective. Now he could make a heel alliance with her wife.

Ronda Rousey Coming Back To WWE With Husband Travis Browne? 2

Travis Browne’s love and respect for pro wrestling are well-known. He was the first to save Bret Hart when the legend was attacked during The Hart Foundation’s WWE Hall Of Fame induction, back in 2019.

So it would be no surprise if he wishes to perform in a few matches for WWE. As of now, no current plan is available that could allow Ronda Rousey to make an imminent return. She is said to be removing the ring rust after months of absence.

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