“I wanted to wrestle Randy Orton after coming back” – Edge on why he wanted to face Orton

WWE Hall of Famer Edge has finally revealed why he wanted to wrestle Randy Orton after returning to WWE. Edge said that Orton is the “measuring stick to where you’re at” which is why he wanted to face him after returning to the ring.

Edge returned to the WWE ring after almost nine years at last year’s Royal Rumble. He had a feud with Randy Orton, which resulted in two matches last year, and another match this past week.

In a global WWE teleconference (H/T to WWE India for the video), Edge revealed the reason for choosing Randy Orton as his first opponent on his return to WWE.

“And I wanted to wrestle Randy Orton (after) coming back. I needed to see where I was at – and Randy, to me, is the measuring stick to where you’re at. And we have chemistry, and we have history, and there’s just this intangible thing that we have, and I knew I needed to start there. And I also knew that there’s an ocean of new opponents and new stories and all of those things – and that’s super exciting. “

Edge won the first match with Randy Orton at WrestleMania 36, and Orton won the second match at Backlash. The two WWE legends had one final match this past week on RAW, which was won by Edge.

Edge on why he returned to WWE

Edge after winning the men
Edge after winning the men’s Royal Rumble match

In a recent interview, Edge revealed the reason why he returned to WWE, stating that he has returned to tell “compelling stories”.

He said that he is excited about getting in the ring with the numerous talented Superstars that are currently in WWE.

Edge stated that he will “put the work in” and called it his “responsibility” to do so.

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