“They saw Rikishi’s a** and were off to the races!” – Former WWE writer comments on Rikishi’s hilarious gimmick

Former WWE writer and creative Vince Russo has commented on Rikishi’s gimmick in WWE.

On the latest episode of SK Wrestling’s Off the SKript with Dr. Chris Featherstone, the former Head Writer for WWE discussed Rikishi’s very specific gimmick, while on the topic of his appearance in the 2000 Royal Rumble, and how it was likely to be the brain child of Vince McMahon.

Here is what Vince Russo had to say on Rikishi’s gimmick in WWE:

“Bro, again, it’s like when I watch these things, there’s so much Vince in all of it. Rikishi with his big, fat a** hanging out. Vince loves that. He loves that stuff, bro. I totally, totally got it. The Kiss My A** Club? That was no surprise to me. That had Vince written all over it, bro. Seriously, either Bruce or Vince or somebody walked into the locker room and saw Rikishi’s bare a** and they were off to the races!”

Vince Russo is, of course, referring to the fact Rikishi would often use his behind as a weapon in the ring, to great effect. According to Russo, this kind of gimmick matches the style and humor of Vince McMahon down to a tee.

Interestingly, despite not winning the match, Rikishi was able to amass an impressive seven eliminations from the 2000 Royal Rumble match – the most eliminations of any Superstar.

Rikishi was recently featured in WWE Network’s Yokozuna documentary

In the first episode of the WWE Icons series, Rikishi spoke of his relationship with his cousin Yokozuna (real name Rodney Anoa’i). In the emotional documentary, Rikishi would reveal that Yokozuna was always seeking to help others, and even signed a check so that Rikishi could keep his home heated and his family warm.

“Back in the day when we were The Headshrinkers, Yoko was making a lot of money. We were doing so-so. We had just moved into this new home, and I needed heat in my home. I had no money. Rodney – he gave me a blank check and he signed it.”

You can watch the full clip between Dr. Chris Featherstone and Vince Russo at the link below:


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