5 Inactive Superstars WWE should bring back to TV for a WrestleMania run

There are many current WWE stars on the roster who are classified as inactive due to differing reasons. While there are several high-profile stars like Becky Lynch who is absent on maternity leave, or Ronda Rousey who is currently having some personal time, there are several stars who could be recalled in the build-up to WrestleMania.

While there are some stars including Ivar from The Viking Raiders and Paige who are legitimately injured, others are chomping at the bit, just waiting for the chance to return.

WWE has a huge roster at its disposal at present, and since WrestleMania is set to be over two nights once again this year, there are several well-known faces who could reappear in the near future.

The following article looks at just 5 currently inactive WWE stars who could be recalled in time for a WrestleMania run.

#5. Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Murphy

Murphy hasn’t been seen on WWE TV in 2021. It’s unclear what has happened to the former Cruiserweight Champion since he was embroiled in a storyline with Rey Mysterio and Aalyah before he mysteriously disappeared.

Mysterio and Dominik recently revealed that they had COVID-19 symptoms back in December, which was why the storyline with King Corbin had several gaps in it. The two men have since returned to WWE TV and continued their storyline with Corbin, but Murphy and Aalyah’s relationship hasn’t played its part in the story.

The recent release of Steve Culter could be a hint that Wesley Blake’s story with Corbin is also over, which means that Murphy won’t be needed in the feud between the three men moving forward.

Murphy was one of the WWE’s standout stars throughout his time alongside Seth Rollins as his disciple. Rollins is set to make his WWE return next week on SmackDown, and Murphy could pick up where he left off with his former friend.

The two could put on a fantastic match at WrestleMania or even at Elimination Chamber or Fastlane if WWE decide that Murphy is the best option for a feud for the returning Messiah.

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