Brock Lesnar could face an old rival at WrestleMania after WWE return

As you may know, Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract expired after WrestleMania 36, and the Beast Incarnate has since been a free agent. As we edge closer to WrestleMania 37, the rumors about Brock Lesnar’s WWE return have naturally come to the fore.

Dave Meltzer noted in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the idea of having Brock Lesnar take on his old rival in Roman Reigns has been tabled. However, the match will not happen this year, but it is an obvious pick to occur at a future show.

Paul Heyman aligning with Roman Reigns, has created a compelling storyline for the WWE to explore, and as Meltzer highlighted, there are different ways in which the company can book the angle.

Meltzer wrote the following in the WON:

As far as an idea goes, Reigns vs. Lesnar at a WrestleMania is on the table as an obvious match down the line, but not this year. It’s a story with the Heyman storyline, and there are many different ways you could tell it.

The history between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns

As we had reported earlier, WWE has already decided on Roman Reigns’ WrestleMania 37 opponent.

Despite being a free agent, Brock Lesnar is widely expected to re-sign with the WWE when he is ready to return. Paul Heyman even addressed Brock Lesnar’s reaction to the advocate’s alliance with Roman Reigns while speaking on the Battleground podcast.

Roman Reigns first faced Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31, which ended with Seth Rollins cashing in the Money in the Bank contract. The reigning Universal Champion has had a few other matches with Brock Lesnar in the past.

However, the dynamics are entirely different this time around as Roman Reigns is now a top heel, and Paul Heyman also would have to pick sides when Brock Lesnar does come back. The ongoing storyline with Roman Reigns could be given a different dimension with Brock Lesnar’s return, but WWE reportedly has no plans on booking it this year.

Brock Lesnar has been spotted twice outside the WWE during his hiatus, and we should receive more updates on his status as we get closer to his scheduled return date. Stay tuned.

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