Drew McIntyre set to confront Sheamus on WWE RAW

WWE announced on their Twitter account that the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre will confront Sheamus this Monday on WWE RAW.

This will be their first confrontation since Sheamus turned on Drew McIntyre on last week’s RAW in the opening segment.

The Celtic Warrior betrayed his friend last week on RAW after months of teasing. Right after Edge warned Drew to watch out for Sheamus, The Fella didn’t hesitate one bit when he Brogue kicked the WWE Champion.

Drew addressed Sheamus in an interview later that night in a heartfelt promo trying to express his disappointment with what had happened earlier. Drew signed off by awarding Sheamus a potential shot at his WWE Championship.

This Monday on RAW, both of them will finally come face to face and address their problems. It is likely that they are heading towards a match for the WWE Championship soon at Elimination Chamber.

Only time will tell where the story of these former friends goes from here.

Who could challenge Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania?

Drew McIntyre is on a strong run as the WWE Champion
Drew McIntyre is on a strong run as the WWE Champion

Drew McIntyre won the WWE Championship last year when he defeated Brock Lesnar in the main event of WrestleMania. Since then he has had a dominant reign with the exception of two weeks when he dropped the belt to Orton but soon regained it.

Now that we’re in WrestleMania Season, WWE has yet to make a proper challenger for Drew. According to certain reports, Roman is facing Edge which takes the Royal Rumble winner off the table for McIntyre. This leaves the Scottish Psychopath with only two months to find a worthy opponent.

Drew has already defeated stars like Orton, Bobby Lashley and Styles in his reign which narrows down the RAW roster to only a few main event names who haven’t challenged him yet which hints at the possibility of WWE bringing back another legend for McIntyre to face.

Right now, it’s in the air as to who McIntyre will face at The Show of Shows but if WWE are planning on having a grand match for their top Championship at WrestleMania, they must start soon.

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