5 Superstars who could be part of Nexus if they return for WWE WrestleMania 37

Rumors were circulating that Nexus would make an appearance during WrestleMania 36 to surprise fans. While the same did not happen, it seemed like quite a number of fans were in favor of the idea of seeing Nexus return.

Nexus existed in WWE for a short time but managed to make a big impact that helped several Superstars get a push. While most of the Superstars who were part of Nexus have been released by WWE over the years, there are still a few who have been making it big in the company.

During a recent conversation with Danial Ali from The DropKick Podcast, Fred Rosser was asked about his former faction mate, Wade Barrett. Rosser was known as Darren Young during his time in WWE and was one of the initial members of Nexus.

Rosser teased a possible return of the faction for WrestleMania and even joked about how the entire segment would go.

“Yeah well most likely, Wrestlemania in Tampa again with the crowd. We’re gonna come back. The Nexus, him being on commentary and he’s gonna rise up from the table and we’re gonna show up and defeat Retribution. I shouldn’t have dropped the news but, oops but it will be fun.”

While Rosser may have just been joking, WWE may be planning the entire thing out for real. Since WrestleMania will likely be held with limited fans over two days, WWE will be looking for some big spots to make headlines this year around.

With that in mind, let’s look at five WWE Superstars who could be part of Nexus if the company decides to bring them back for WrestleMania 37.

#5 Darren Young (Fred Rosser) was part of the original Nexus faction

The first man who makes the list is none other than the one who’s started the rumor. Darren Young was one of the men who walked into WWE RAW along with Wade Barrett on June 7, 2010. Nexus attacked John Cena during his main event match against CM Punk and wrecked everything in their sight.

Young could be one of the frontmen if WWE decides to bring back Nexus at WrestleMania 37 and have him make an impact. Since Young is still competing for other promotions, WWE could use the same story as they did before and have him come back in search of a contract.

Young stated during his interview that Nexus will come in and drop RETRIBUTION, which is something the company could have the faction do on their first night back in WWE.

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