5 Teams WWE could break up in 2021

Tag teams in WWE very rarely end well. Over the years, only a few have actually stayed together. 2020 saw so many beloved tag teams break up, some with a purpose and some without one.

Among those without a real plan for at least one of the members were WWE’s splitting of The IIconics and Heavy Machinery. Other teams that did not last the year were Seth Rollins’ faction, the team of Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, The New Day as a trio, and The Golden Role Models, among others.

The same thing could happen in 2021 as well, with multiple tag teams and factions possibly being torn apart by WWE. There have already been cracks within one of the teams in question, while another has already broken up this year.

Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura aren’t a team anymore, with the Japanese Superstar turning face. Meanwhile, several others could go through the same fate. Some might have a big break-up feud, while others could quietly go their separate ways.

Here are five teams WWE could break up in 2021.

#5 The Miz and John Morrison could break up and feud on WWE RAW

For the betterment of both of their careers, The Miz and John Morrison need to break up and go their separate ways. They have been joke performers for too long now, something that should never be said about the Money in the Bank holder. While they could work as a serious duo, WWE likely won’t go in that direction.

After getting embarrassed on a near-weekly basis on RAW, surely Miz and Morrison will fall out and feud with each other. They will likely face Bad Bunny in some sort of WrestleMania tag team match, so that could be the beginning of the end for The Dirt Street.

If The Miz is to cash in his Money in the Bank successfully, his character must take a complete turn. He could do so by turning on John Morrison, who would then be reminded of his own abilities as an in-ring mastermind. The Prince of Parkour should turn face in a couple of months.

Miz and Morrison could even feud over the Money in the Bank contract, while taking a serious tone – one that is much more serious than their current schtick. The Miz and John Morrison’s current act grew tiresome months before WWE even moved to the ThunderDome, and it is time to change things for them.

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