5 Things WWE subtly told us on RAW: Edge humiliates 19-time Champion, Possible spoiler on title change at Elimination Chamber (February 8th, 2021)

Welcome to this week’s edition of things WWE subtly told us on RAW. You may not find too many bests in the “Best and Worst” section this week, but we do have a bit to break down from RAW on this week’s episode. It was an eventful one, though the pacing of the show could have been better.

Here was what WWE subtly told us on RAW:

#5. Edge rips into The Miz on RAW – questions on the MITB holder

Edge on RAW
Edge on RAW

Edge appeared on RAW, and once again, it was all show and no substance. Since Edge has decided to come in “full time” for this upcoming WWE WrestleMania 37 run, we wondered how the company would fill his time.

Edge appeared and only teased his decision, but nothing came of it. The Miz and John Morrison appeared as well, and the former, who is also Mr. Money in the Bank, revealed to Edge that no matter who he chooses, he will be waiting to cash in his Money in the Bank contract.

Edge berated the RAW Superstar, reminding him of who The Ultimate Opportunist truly was. He insulted The Miz for giving out his strategy on WWE RAW. After the segment was done, Damian Priest took on Angel Garza – who was suddenly aligned with The Miz and John Morrison for some reason.

Either way, it was Bad Bunny who accompanied Damian Priest, and after The Miz and Morrison tried costing Priest, Bad Bunny cleverly found a way to get both men ejected from ringside.

It was an all-around bad night for The Miz, who was made to look foolish by Edge first and then Bad Bunny. It adds further questions to the purpose of him holding the Money in the Bank briefcase.

#4. Keith Lee is title-bound on RAW

A great match with a good ending
A great match with a good ending

Keith Lee essentially entered the United States title picture on RAW. It started off backstage with Lee telling Riddle, The King of Bros, that he deserves to have a crack at Bobby Lashley and the United States Championship.

Keith Lee then faced Riddle in a friendly singles match on RAW and defeated him. It was easily the best match on RAW. The two acknowledged each other in a show of respect post-match, but United States Champion Bobby Lashley came from behind and attacked both men.

Lashley looked great, and a Triple Threat Match was teased for WWE Elimination Chamber. Later in the night, it was confirmed that Bobby Lashley will defend the United States title in a Triple Threat Match at Elimination Chamber.

If so, we fully expect Keith Lee to become the next United States Champion. Bobby Lashley has had tremendous momentum on RAW – arguably having the best run of his WWE career so far.

While he should ideally remain the US Champion, Keith Lee and Riddle are both ready for their first big title win on RAW.

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