Damian Priest sends a message to former WWE Champion following a victory on RAW

Damian Priest has already created quite the impression since coming up from WWE NXT, and he had a message for a former WWE Champion after the recent edition of WWE RAW.

This week’s episode of WWE RAW saw Damian Priest defeat Angel Garza. Garza had received the backing and support of The Miz and John Morrison. Despite attempts made by Miz and Morrison to interfere, Priest was able to win the match. During the bout, when Priest fell to the outside, Miz and Morrison beat him down while Garza distracted the referee.

Thankfully for Damian Priest, he had an ally at ringside too, as Bad Bunny lured The Miz and Morrison away from Priest by taking the Money in the Bank briefcase. The move gave Priest enough time to recover and enter the ring again, while the referee sent Miz and Morrison to the back as they got too involved. Soon after that, he was able to take out Angel Garza and secure the win.

In a backstage interview following the match, Damian Priest sent a message to The Miz, saying that he was more than ready for him, and had something in store for the former WWE Champion as well.

“Oh, any win is sweet, but especially in front of those two? Look I get it, I am the new guy, so let’s push him around, but I’m just not going to be that guy for them. And you know what? The Miz wanted to put his hands on me, or in this case his foot, so I have got something for him. You better believe that, but in the meantime, I’ll just keep on winning.”

Readers can watch the full video below.


Damian Priest’s run on the WWE main roster

Damian Priest has been making a mark since coming up from WWE NXT. In WWE’s Royal Rumble event, he eliminated multiple Superstars, including the legendary Kane. He also eliminated The Miz and John Morrison following a distraction from Bad Bunny, which is what started their feud with him.

Damian Priest was recently interviewed by Sportskeeda following his Royal Rumble appearance. Readers can check out the interview below.


Damian Priest and Bad Bunny now seem to be paired together on WWE television, with rumors of the rapper being a part of WWE shows until WrestleMania.

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