Eric Bischoff uses Stone Cold as an example of why WWE does not have a “face of the company”

Eric Bischoff recently used Stone Cold Steve Austin as an example of why WWE does not have a legitimate “face of the company” anymore. He believes that the contractual issues between Steve Austin and the company back in 2002 is a key reason.

Eric Bischoff is an American entrepreneur and former producer who has worked with numerous promotions, such as WCW, WWE and TNA. His most recent role was as the Executive Director of WWE’s blue brand, SmackDown. He has had a stunning 31 year career in the professional wrestling business, and continues to play a part in the business today.

In an interview with Michael Morales Torres of Lucha Libre Online, Eric Bischoff spoke about why WWE does not have a bonafide “face of the company” anymore. He believes that WWE came to the decision that no wrestler would be bigger than the company, and he used Stone Cold Steve Austin as an example, to explain why that is the case.

“You’ve had wrestlers like Stone Cold Steve Austin, for example. They built the entire company around you and when things didn’t go well, and there were personal issues, and legal issues, and contractual issues, Steve took his ball and went home. That’s a very tough position to put the company into.”


Stone Cold Steve Austin walked out of WWE back in 2002, mainly due to issues with booking decisions and his contract. It was a tough time for both Austin and WWE, but 19 years later, both Stone Cold and the company are on good terms. The same can be said for Eric Bischoff and WWE as well.

Eric Bischoff and Steve Austin’s feud in WWE

Despite leaving the company in 2002, Stone Cold Steve Austin made his return to WWE in 2003 and, after resolving some issues with members of the roster, he had his first match at No Way Out against Eric Bischoff.

Of course, Austin came out on top, and he did so again later on, defeating Eric Bischoff on RAW. This was the only match he had between his return and WrestleMania. The two even had a great feud when they worked as Co-General Managers on RAW.

Eric Bischoff and Stone Cold Steve Austin have come a long way since then. Steve Austin has his own TV show and numerous podcasts, and Eric Bischoff is now focusing on his own podcast. What did you think of their feud? Let us know down below.

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