“It’s because they’re the best!” – Damian Priest reveals his thoughts on the WWE RAW roster

Damian Priest has revealed his thoughts on the current crop of WWE talent, highlighting the Monday Night RAW roster as “the best.”

In an interview with BT Sport, the Archer of Infamy was quizzed as to which current WWE Superstars he would like to face, and proceeded to praise numerous names on the RAW roster. He also emphasized his happiness on being a part of the RAW roster, saying it was “the dream” to be included on the show.

Here is what Damian Priest had to say on the stars of Monday Night RAW:

“You know, I get asked that question and it’s one of those things… It’s Monday Night Raw. This is the brand… it was the dream! Monday Night Raw! Just saying it and then knowing that I’m on it is just so cool. But there’s a reason why people are on that show. Like, it’s not just regulars, it’s not just anybody, it’s the best! It’s the ones who belong there. So, for me to leave out anybody would be silly. I want to get in there with every single person on the roster. Because they’re the best and I want to test myself.”

Damian Priest says WWE’s talent pool is “insane”

The former North American Champion would go on to respond to a question about just how stacked the current Monday Night RAW roster is, saying “everybody can’t be featured all the time.”

“Very well said, because it’s exactly that. Everybody can’t be featured all the time. We can’t all be the champion, there can only be one. So yeah, what a time. As much as people want to talk about eras, I think right now, the talent pool right now, today, is insane!”

Damian Priest has been on a massive high since his main roster debut at the Royal Rumble. His alliance with music star Bad Bunny has been making the rounds in the headlines, and a rumored WrestleMania match featuring the two is looking more and more realistic by the day.

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