“McIntyre, Edge, Randy…” – New WWE RAW Superstar names his dream list of opponents

Damian Priest has opened up on the names he would like to face on WWE RAW and the specific reasons he wants to target names at a particular level.

In an interview with BT Sport, the former North American champion made his feelings on the WWE RAW roster clear, praising the stars for making the brand “the best” in WWE, but also making it clear that he very much intends to face the top names on the roster in order to reach that level himself.

Here is what Damian Priest had to say on the men he hopes to face on WWE RAW:

“Now, when we’re singling out people, as far as like, OK, but who on top of everybody else? Then, of course, I only see myself a certain way. ‘The star.’ At least that’s the goal, right? So, to be that, I’ve got to look at the ones, you know, start at the top. McIntyre, Edge, Randy, Bray, Sheamus, Keith, Matt, Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles… But then, you see what I’m doing, it’s going to end up being everybody on the roster!”

Damian Priest on the perks of being a top star on WWE RAW

Damian Priest would go on to describe some of the other commitments top WWE RAW Superstars get to enjoy when they reach a particular level within the company, and emphasized his desire to also be featured by WWE in a similar fashion.

“But just the first few names are the ones who are always in the main event. Are always the top featured guys. When you see a commercial, they’re the first ones on the commercial. When they’re on a sports show, those are the ones who are always getting highlighted. That’s what I want. So, I have to be in the ring with them. I have to prove myself against those guys.”

If Damian Priest continues on the trajectory he finds himself on at the moment, he’ll surely be sharing the ring with some, if not all, of these names very soon.

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