WWE Rumor Roundup – Female Superstar ready to join Roman Reigns’ faction, Big WrestleMania 38 match, Brock Lesnar’s backstage conversation with Dominik

We’re back with another stacked edition of the daily WWE Rumor Roundup, and today’s lineup has some massive names.

Roman Reigns is inarguably the biggest Superstar in WWE right now, and there are several stories about The Tribal Chief that are being discussed on the interwebs.

A top female Superstar has revealed that she would be ready to work with Roman Reigns on SmackDown. The possible WrestleMania 38 match for Roman Reigns was also teased recently, and the fans would love the sound of it.

Brock Lesnar also features in today’s lineup for his reaction to Dominik Mysterio’s work in WWE. Talking about Brock Lesnar, the man touted to be the ‘Next Brock Lesnar’ has also reportedly been signed by WWE.

We end the roundup with details about a SmackDown Superstar’s firing.

#5. Bianca Belair is ready to work with Roman Reigns on WWE SmackDown


2021 is surely Bianca Belair’s year as The EST of WWE won the Women’s Royal Rumble, and she is widely expected to win the Women’s title sooner rather than later.

Belair has been positioned as a top female talent on the Blue brand, and she will have a big title match at WrestleMania 37. Bianca Belair was a guest on the recent edition of Talking Smack, and the Royal Rumble winner spoke about Paul Heyman’s influence on her career.

Heyman has been one of Belair’s most prominent supporters, and the former advocate of Brock Lesnar is now Roman Reigns’ manager.

During an interview with BT Sport, Belair was asked whether she would consider joining Roman Reigns’ faction, and the former NXT Superstar was more than ready to work with The Tribal Chief.

Belair noted that she believes in making the best of all the opportunities given to her, and forming an alliance with Roman Reigns is also something she wouldn’t ignore.

“Listen, my whole career in WWE is when opportunities are presented to me, I take them and make the best of them. That would be a great opportunity. I would take whatever opportunity comes my way and make the best of it.”

Belair also said that getting praised by Paul Heyman is a validation of her abilities as a WWE performer.

“You know, coming from NXT onto SmackDown, you are on this bigger stage, and you’re learning in front of thousands of people. It can be, not intimidating for me, but it’s just you’re learning as people are watching you, and you don’t have the room to mess up. Paul Heyman has said all these great things about me being on SmackDown, it’s just, you know, it’s Paul Heyman! If anyone is going to talk good about you, you want it to be Paul Heyman, and you know that it’s just validation that you’re doing it right. I’m on my way, and I’m on SmackDown, and I belong here. It brings me confidence, and it lets me know that I’m doing it right.”

Would you like to see Bianca Belair join Roman Reigns, The Usos, and Paul Heyman?

Don’t forget to check out the video in which Bianca Belair was asked about her spot with Otis by SK Wrestling’s Riju Dasgupta in the video above.

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