‘No disrespect to Brock Lesnar’ – Referee Mike Chioda reveals a major problem with the F5

Mike Chioda spoke on the latest episode of ‘Monday Mailbag’ about several topics to host Paul Bromwell. One of them was about impactful finishers.

Chioda was asked whether he preferred a high-impact finisher or a submission move. The veteran referee responded by saying that he loved any maneuver that was impactful.

Chioda singled out the F5 in particular. He said that while the F5 had impact, there was one problem with the move, especially when Brock Lesnar hit it on larger men. Mike Chioda explained that the F5 didn’t have the same visual effect on large competitors as it did on his smaller opponents.

While it also depended on how the performers sold for the F5, Chioda believed that the F5 looked much better when done on wrestlers smaller than Brock Lesnar.

“Yeah, I mean, the F5 move is definitely an impactful move. It depends on who he is going to hit it on. Brock used to hit it on like if he hit it on The Undertaker or Kane, or big guys like that, it didn’t look so, it didn’t look like a very impact move. No disrespect to Brock Lesnar, no whatsoever, but I thought, but when he did it to a smaller guy, it looked like it would crush them. And it depends on how the other guy would take the bump off of a finisher, but I was more of a high impact guy.”

It was a phenomenal impact move: Mike Chioda on the Frog Splash


Chioda continued by talking about the Frog Splash and how the Samoans used the high-flying move to significant effect back in the day.

“You know, the Frog Splash always got me. If you can really hit that right like the Samoans did back in the day, I mean, they used to hit that phenomenally. Big guys like the Samoans would come off the top rope. Guys like RVD hit the Frog Splash. I mean, when he used to hit that, come rolling off and come back and cover, it was a phenomenal impact move off the top rope because you’d get some leap. And Eddie Guerrero, same thing. I mean, you just have a look at that, and you know, other finishers like the RKO were impressive, and there are so many finishers which were so impressive over the years.”

What do you guys think? Do you agree with Mike Chioda’s views on the F5?

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