Riddle recreates classic Shawn Michaels photo in hilarious Twitter post

Riddle has posted his own interpretation of a classic Shawn Michaels photograph in a recent tweet.

The comical post features a partially-nude HBK in the background, with the clearly-photoshopped face of Riddle covering what would be Shawn Michaels’ face, and the United States Championship covering below Shawn’s belt line.

You can see the tweet, and the hilarious photoshopped image, in the link below:

In typical Riddle fashion, the Superstar has utilized his unique sense of humor to hype his upcoming triple threat match for the United States Title. As announced earlier by WWE, the former UFC fighter will be taking on Bobby Lashley and the Limitless One Keith Lee, with the United States Championship on the line.

The original photo itself was taken from a photoshoot Shawn Michaels participated in for Playgirl Magazine, back in 1996, when he was the reigning WWF Champion.

As the WWF began heading towards more in-your-face and controversial content in the late nineties, some of this style of content began to be featured in more mainstream media, too, including this particular photoshoot.

The now-iconic pose was also recreated by current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre on Monday Night RAW, shortly after winning the WWE title for the first time at WrestleMania 36.

Riddle will face Keith Lee & Bobby Lashley at Elimination Chamber

Riddle will be looking for revenge against Bobby Lashley, who has been on a tirade of violence as of late.

Last week on Monday Night RAW, the Almighty unleashed a hellacious assault on the King of Bros, leading to Lashley being disqualified after he refused to release his Hurt Lock full nelson submission.

Then, last night on RAW, Lashley would strike again when he attacked both Keith Lee and Riddle, after the pair had shared a match, with Lee emerging as the victor.

Will Bobby Lashley’s mean streak help him retain his title at Elimination Chamber? Or will Riddle or Keith Lee walk away as the new United States Champion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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