Top RAW Rumors: Idea for current top Superstar to face Vince McMahon; Brock Lesnar to feud with 3-time WWE Champion on return; Plan for real brothers to pair on-screen scrapped

Welcome to another edition of the top RAW backstage rumors that could have a major impact. With a splendid Royal Rumble in the rear-view mirror, WWE is now moving towards WrestleMania 37 with a lot of momentum.

In today’s edition, the article will take a look at what the future holds for Brock Lesnar when he returns to the company. Other than that, the article will talk about the two big returns that took place at the Royal Rumble event and what impact they can have on RAW.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in and check out the big stories and rumors from the world of Monday Night RAW:

#5 John Cena Sr.’s idea for RAW Superstar Drew McIntyre facing Vince McMahon

John Cena Sr. spoke to Boston Wrestling MWF’s Dan Mirade recently and discussed multiple topics, including Drew McIntyre’s match against Goldberg at Royal Rumble. Mr Cena was not impressed with the match and said it would be a better idea to have RAW’s top champion Drew McIntyre get in the ring with Vince McMahon instead.

John Cena Sr. believes Vince McMahon can still go in the ring and a match with WWE Chairman would help Drew McIntyre get over.

I think McMahon, Vince could get in that ring with McIntyre, no offense, and do a better job. Yeah, because you know what? You wouldn’t have all those fancy gimmick moves. You’d have all that cheating, you’d have all that eye-gouging. It’s just the old McMahon thing that would carry it. McIntyre wouldn’t put up with it, take him, beat him up, slam him down, Vince would come back and cheat a little bit. Whole different angle but it still puts the match over.”

While the idea itself could work wonders, Vince McMahon has stayed out of in-ring action for over nine years now and hasn’t competed in a match since 2012.

#4 RAW’s Brock Lesnar to feud with Roman Reigns upon return to WWE

As reported earlier, RAW’s Brock Lesnar is unlikely to return for WrestleMania 37. However, the RAW Superstar will return down the line, and if reports are to be believed, he is likely to feud with old rival Roman Reigns.

Dave Meltzer of WON has stated that there is a plan for Roman Reigns to face Brock Lesnar whenever he returns to the company.

As far as an idea goes, Reigns vs. Lesnar at a WrestleMania is on the table as an obvious match down the line, but not this year. It’s a story with the Heyman storyline, and there are many different ways you could tell it.

Roman Reigns is set to face RAW Superstar Edge at this year’s WrestleMania as per the rumors. Edge won the Royal Rumble match this year and will most likely be challenging The Tribal Chief for the Universal Championship at the Grandest Stage of Them All.

It will be interesting to see a feud between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar and which side Paul Heyman picks.

#3 Arn Anderson reveals scrapped plan for Bo Dallas and RAW’s Bray Wyatt

While speaking on his podcast, ARN, Arn Anderson revealed his ideas for Bo Dallas and his real brother, RAW Superstar Bray Wyatt. Anderson stated that he felt Bo Dallas was failing on the main roster and needed a better launchpad.

He had an idea for the two brothers which also involved their father – IRS. The plan was to have RAW Superstar Bray Wyatt side with his father when Luke Harper and Erik Rowan tried to beat him up, with WWE Superstar Bo Dallas joining the fold as well.

”Let’s just say, and at that time, I pitched a deal where you brought him in with the Wyatts, and you told him who he was. He was Bray Wyatt’s brother, and he was Mike Rotunda’s son, and you know, do a deal where, let’s just say that Mike came down during one of the Wyatts matches in his capacity as a producer was trying to break up a fight that let’s just say, Big Red and Brodie Lee, they dropped Mike and for the first time you had Bray Wyatt, you know, who, other than join in what was going in with the other two Wyatts, he pulled them off and said, ‘Not him, not him.’ Now you’ve found out that he is the son of Mike Rotunda because I don’t think that it was 100 percent everybody knew that.”

The idea was to make it public that RAW’s Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas are real-life brothers, leading to a storyline that involved both of them.

”Now you have the Wyatts back off, and Bo introduced like the babyface other brother, who he really is. You put him there with that group, and you’ve got all these monsters with these foot-long beards, and there you’ve got this babyface who is Bray Wyatt’s legitimate brother.”

Arn Anderson stated that he believed this would have helped open more avenues for Bo Dallas on RAW in the long run.

#2 Backstage reaction to Carlito’s return on RAW

Carlito made his return to WWE at the Royal Rumble PPV. The former US Champion also made his big comeback on Monday Night RAW this week as he teamed up with Jeff Hardy to take on Elias and Ryker.

As per PWInsider, Carlito has garnered a lot of praise and compliments for the shape that he is in and the work he has put in.

“As of yesterday, Carlito has not signed with WWE but the expectation is that is just a formality. There was a lot of internal praise for his work and the shape he returned to the company in at the Rumble. He’s expected back soon.”

PWInsider has also stated that Carlito will be on a three-week trial run with the company before he is offered a full-time contract. It is also said that MVP is the Superstar who is behind Carlito finally making his comeback on WWE RAW.

Carlito has been one of the best mid-card attractions in WWE and with even more experience under his belt now, he will surely impress the fans and critics in his second run with WWE.

#1 RAW Superstar Edge gives details about Christian’s in-ring return

RAW Superstar Edge recently spoke to Sporting News and spoke about the return of his best friend Christian to WWE. Christian made his in-ring return to the company at Royal Rumble this year after being out of action for over seven years.

RAW Superstar Edge revealed that although he knew that Christian had been cleared to compete for months, it was on the Friday before the PPV that he came to know that Captain Charisma would also be part of the Royal Rumble match.

“I was one of the few that was privy to the fact that he got cleared a few months ago. We didn’t know he was going to be in the Rumble until Friday, though. I was in the midst of driving down to his house from North Carolina to stay for the weekend. And then we found out and we’re like “OK, well, we’ll drive over to the Rumble together then.”

The reunion between RAW’s Edge and Christian was a sight to behold and hopefully fans get to see more of Christian in the coming time.

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