Booker T reveals current WWE star as the most “underrated of all-time”, says should’ve won the world title more times

WWE legend Booker T has revealed that a current Superstar is the most underrated of all-time. The two-time WWE Hall of Famer said that Christian is underrated and should’ve won the world title many more times than he did.

Christian returned to the WWE ring at this year’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view, seven years after retiring.

On his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T was asked by a fan who he feels is the most underrated wrestler of all-time. Booker T stated that Christian is underrated as he can put on great matches, and also revealed that he had fun working with him.

“Probably, Christian. Christian is perhaps the most underrated wrestler that I’ve been around, knowing what he can do inside the squared circle. He’s always been a top-notch worker. He’s one of the guys I always loved it when I saw his name by mine. Whether it was house show, TV, didn’t make no difference. Our title feud was so much fun, coming to work at that time knowing that I was going to work with Christian because we were going to have some fun, other than the one time when he hit me in the eye. Christian is perhaps the most underrated guy and should’ve been world champion many, many more times than he actually was.”


Booker T on Christian’s WWE future

Booker T was asked by co-host Brad Gilmore about Christian’s WWE future, and this is what the Hall of Famer said.

“I don’t know, I tell you, it looked like Hogan as far as the tan goes. Getting back in the ring, I’m sure seeing Edge get back in there, he probably got the edge and saying, ‘I got to do it’. It’s hard to stay away from the game, it’s hard to walk away from it, especially when you’re injured and put on the shelf. You want to retire the way you want to retire. More power to him if he’s planning to stick around and I think he can still do it.”

Christian was recently asked about his WWE future, and he didn’t reveal much, stating that “it’s still to be determined” if he will return to the ring.

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