CONTEST: Here’s your chance to win official WWE Legends Merchandise

SK Wrestling now allows you to collect authorized WWE Legends merchandise through a brand new contest that we’ve launched on our social media page.

Get into WrestleMania mood by participating in the contest that has been linked below, and stand a chance to win 3 Gift Card Codes, each worth $50 (US). These may be availed at the WWE Legends shop, where you can pick up exciting merchandise. All you have to do is follow the SK Wrestling account and RT the link shared below.

The winners will be announced this Sunday night, at NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day. Be sure to participate in the contest, and exciting WWE Legends merchandise could be yours.

What is the WWE Legends Shop?

From T-shirts to championships to bobble-heads, the WWE Legends shop is your one-stop destination for authentic old-school WWE merchandise. Be it Ultimate Warrior or Randy Savage merchandise from the WWE Golden Era or even Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kane merchandise from the Attitude Era, this is where you can find it all.

So join in and be a part of the most exciting contest on the internet. All it takes is a simple follow and an RT!

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