WWE Superstars show support for their favorite football teams in the Premier League Title Race

Superstars of the WWE have taken to Twitter to show their support for their favorite football teams as the race for the Premier League title begins to heat up!

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre kicked things off by declaring the WWE and Premier League Title Race to be in full swing, along with a shot of numerous WWE Superstars wearing the colors of several popular Premier League teams.

Interestingly enough, McIntyre is the only Superstar in the line up who is not wearing a football shirt. Though the Scottish Psychopath is well known for his love of Rangers FC!

But it wouldn’t be long before the rest of the WWE Superstars got in on the action! Drew McIntyre’s friend-turned-foe Sheamus, who’s sporting the shirt of his beloved Liverpool FC, didn’t shy away from the fact the club hasn’t had the best season, but remained optimistic about their future.

“Not the best season for @lfc so far. But in football, one weekend can change everything. There’s always hope. 3 points on the weekend and Pep will be looking over his shoulder more than @DMcIntyreWWE #LFC”

Then, the Swiss Superman Cesaro made his allegiance quite clear. As it turns out, he’ll be supporting his “long lost brother” Pep Guardiola and Manchester City! Here’s what he had to say:

“Keep the momentum going, they’ve been on a tear and I’m not sure they can be stopped right now! Hopefully everybody stays healthy too. I miss the fans and I know as a performer & athlete the players do too. It’s great to see how close the race this season is, it’s very exciting.”

But of course, the villainous King Corbin would put a downer on City’s chances – he’ll be supporting their ‘Bitter End’ rivals Manchester United to take home the gold. The King of the Ring winner would evoke the legacy of United legend Eric Cantona to make his point clear for all to see:

Naturally, something as big as the Premier League Title Race wouldn’t be complete without someone as big as The Monster Among Men Braun Strowman! He’ll be cheering on Leicester City who defied all odds when they took the title a few years ago. Braun even offered to jump in and cover for Wesley Fofana!

You can head over to WWE UK on Twitter to check out what the rest of the WWE Superstars had to say about their teams.

But who will you be supporting in the Title Race? Let us know in the comments below!

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