John Cena Called Himself Selfish Over WWE Wrestlemania 37 Appearance

Rumors floated on the internet, earlier stating that WWE has John Cena locked into the next three WrestleMania events. There’s a fair amount of chance that he could end up working all three shows, but due to his unavailability, he is not booked on the biggest stage that far in advance at all. Ringside News previously informed that there’re big uncertainties about the Cenation Leader’s appearances on The Show of Shows or the weekly programs leading up to it.

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, John Cena was asked about his WrestleMania 37 status. He gave his opinion about it and showed some logical way of not being present at the show, hinting perhaps there’ll be a Mania after a decade without him

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John Cena Called Himself Selfish Over WWE Wrestlemania 37 Appearance 1

Here’s what the 16-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion had to offer,

“Currently, I’m in Vancouver shooting Peacemaker, the series for HBO Max. Given the quarantine regulations, if I were to leave Canada, upon return I would have to quarantine for another two weeks. Essentially, that would shut production down.

Strictly based on the letter of the law right now, there is no logistical way I can be there. We film now until July.”

John Cena doesn’t want to be handed a Mania spot

Then on during WWE’s After The Bell podcast, WWE Commentator Corey Graves said that he believes John Cena was trying to swerve the fans. He believed that Cena will return for WrestleMania 37 and work the show in some capacity. Now, the former champion has once again spoken up about the situation.

John Cena Called Himself Selfish Over WWE Wrestlemania 37 Appearance 2

During a recent interview with Forbes, John Cena once again noted that the current state is out of his hands and there’s no way that he would be able to appear at WrestleMania 37 as it will halt the production of his current show and cost a lot of money. Besides, there must be some sort of insurances put on him barring him from getting physical inside the ring. Here’s more in his own words,

“Unfortunately, it’s out of my hands. Every other year except for this year has been completely within my realm.

If this were normal times, I would 100% be there. I’d find a way to contribute somehow. I’ve sat in the crowd as a fan. I’ll do whatever the event asks me to because it means that much to me, and WWE means that much to me, but I’m in Vancouver shooting Peacemaker for HBO Max.

It’s a spinoff series based on my character from Suicide Squad, Peacemaker. It’s an unbelievable opportunity, James Gunn has written the whole thing, he’s directing a bunch of the episodes. This is something that I’m inspired to do.”

Additionally, John Cena also pointed out the quarantine law. If he has to fly to the United States for Sunday on WrestleMania which is possible. But then there would be complications when he would come back to Canada. In that case, he would have to be in quarantine for 14 days and put the production back more than two weeks, which would waste a boatload of money. This kind of situation would be ‘super, super, super selfish of me,’ as stated by the former world champion.

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