Randy Orton’s “fake fight” with RAW Superstar left Hall of Famer worried about their friendship

Former WWE Superstar Mark Jindrak recently opened up on his “fake fight” with Randy Orton that took place way back in 2003, and revealed that WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson was concerned about his friendship with Orton, after reading the dirtsheets.

‘#1 Orton Source’ is a Twitter handle that posts content related to WWE legend Randy Orton, and is even followed by The Viper. The handle recently posted a tweet looking back at a photo of Randy Orton from 2003, moments before he would kick off a staged fight with fellow Superstar Mark Jindrak.

Jindrak himself posted a response to the tweet, and dubbed it one of the best “fake fights” that ended up tricking the fans. He also revealed that WWE legend Pat Patterson was worried that Jindrak and Randy Orton’s friendship was in danger due to the fight, after he read a bunch of news pieces covering the incident. Check out the tweets below:

Randy Orton and Jindrak played a rib on fans on that night

The incident took place sometime in late 2003, at a time when Randy Orton was getting heavily pushed as a top villain on the red brand. After a show, Orton, Jindrak, and Maven went to Kowloon’s Bar and Grill. Suddenly, things went awry and Randy Orton kicked off a brawl with Jindrak. Folks inside the restaurant managed to keep the duo apart until police showed up.

Eventually, Maven was seen successfully calming Randy Orton down. According to Jindrak, the ‘feud’ started when he and Orton were taking light-hearted jibes at each other on their respective websites, which led to them cooking up a prank targeting internet wrestling fans. Around the time this ‘fight’ took place, Randy Orton and Ric Flair were involved in a RAW feud with Jindrak and his Tag Team partner, Garrison Cade. The short-lived feud saw both teams trading victories on WWE RAW on separate episodes.

Fans might be aware that Jindrak was initially planned to be one of the members of Evolution, but plans changed at the last moment, and he was replaced by Batista. Both Randy Orton and Batista went on to become WWE megastars, and won several world titles during their stints. Batista managed to kick off a career as an actor in Hollywood, while Orton is still going strong in WWE.

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