Original plans for The Mysterio family revealed (Report)

Rey and Dominik Mysterio have been feuding with King Corbin over the past few weeks on SmackDown. However, reports indicate that the original plan was to have Murphy join Rey and Dominik in feuding with King Corbin along with Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler.

Steve Cutler was reportedly released by WWE for creating an unsafe work environment after he was tested positive for COVID-19. It came as a bit of a surprise that Cutler was the only Superstar to have been fired, despite other top names like Drew McIntyre and the Mysterios also contracting the virus.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently discussed the original plans for The Mysterio Family and Murphy. He also revealed why those plans were changed on SmackDown.

Originally it was going to be Corbin & Blake & Cutler vs. The Mysterios & Murphy. Then Cutler and The Mysterios all tested positive and it was put on hold. When they brought the Mysterios back, the decision was made to drop everyone else.

The report also talked about how only Steve Cutler was punished for contracting COVID-19 while Drew McIntyre and The Mysterios were spared.

Cutler was fired and I don’t know why given that dozens of wrestlers in WWE have had COVID and nobody was fired including major stars like McIntyre and Mysterio of late and other headliners. Murphy, Blake and Cutler weren’t brought back, but Cutler was the only one fired. Perhaps it’s a scapegoat thing because Vince was said to be livid, but management in both companies at times have expressed frustration that some talent isn’t taking it seriously.

What’s next for The Mysterio family?

With Steve Cutler being released, it is unlikely that Wesley Blake will be returning to King Corbin’s corner. This leaves Murphy without any direction on SmackDown.

Before the King Corbin storyline, it had seemed initially that a feud would ensue between Rey Mysterio and Dominik against Murphy and Aalyah Mysterio in the future. With WWE keeping Murphy and Aalyah away from television, the possibility of that happening anytime soon looks bleak.

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