‘They are going to need him eventually’- Details on King Corbin’s backstage attitude in WWE

Baron Corbin, aka King Corbin, might be one of the most underrated talents currently plying their trade in the WWE. Baron Corbin has grown to be a fine heel, and while he hasn’t been pushed as a main event star, the former NXT Superstar has always been available whenever called upon by WWE.

Baron Corbin was even given a chance to compete in Kurt Angle’s retirement match. The Olympic gold medalist recently spoke about his experiences of working with the King of the Ring winner during ‘The Kurt Angle Show’ on AdFreeShows.

Angle said that Corbin was a great worker and a thorough professional. Baron Corbin had no issues about how Angle wanted the match to be booked as the Superstar was just happy to share the ring with the WWE Legend.

“He was great. Very professional. Very kind, respectful. He was cool with doing whatever I wanted him to do. He didn’t care if I kicked his ass the whole match, and he snuck a victory. He was just happy to be in the ring with me, and I thought that was really cool. I like the kid a lot. I was glad to do the honors for him.”

Angle liked Corbin a lot and revealed details about how the Superstar is backstage. Kurt Angle explained that Baron Corbin was smart and a quick learner as he took to the business in a short time.

“He is very likable; I know, as a fan, you don’t like him because he is kind of an a******, but he is a good kid. He is very smart, and he knows the business really well. He has learned very quickly, and I think that you know, they started utilizing him after my WrestleMania match, and he won the King of the Ring, and you know, he was in the title hunt a couple of times.”

Angle was quick to note that Baron Corbin is rarely injured and is always available for the WWE. The WWE Hall of Famer added that Baron Corbin would be called to step up to the big stage someday when a top talent has to take a break.

“I’m not sure how they are doing with him right now, but the cool thing is, he is available if and when they need him. They are going to need him eventually. We always do. Everybody gets injured, and people have to step up.”

My WrestleMania match ignited that: Kurt Angle on WWE pushing Baron Corbin after his retirement


While Kurt Angle wasn’t a fan of his WrestleMania 35 program’s storyline dynamics with Baron Corbin, he realized the former NXT star’s potential as a worker.

Angle did have an issue with Corbin not being at a level worthy enough to retire a Hall of Famer a couple of years ago.

However, Angle was glad that WWE had utilized Baron Corbin strongly ever since WrestleMania 35. The main goal was for Kurt Angle to put Corbin over, and the veteran had no qualms about Vince McMahon’s plan.

“Baron was more of a bully; I was the victim; I didn’t like that, but that’s what they gave me, and the program was fine. I was okay with it. It was, you know, it was a lot of fun to do, and Baron’s a great talent. I didn’t expect him to be my opponent at WrestleMania because, at that time, I don’t think he was at the level that he deserved to go into WrestleMania wrestling a Hall of Fame legend. Even though afterward, they used him pretty good. I think he won the King of the Ring after that, and you know, he was on the way towards main event status. So, I think my WrestleMania match ignited that.”

“Oh, without a doubt. Yeah, Vince wanted me to get him over. And that was the plan the whole time, and I knew that.”

Baron Corbin continues to be featured as a prominent heel on SmackDown, but will he ever get a ‘top guy’ push in the company? Would you like to see it happen?

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