WWE RAW – 5 Possible surprises- Elimination Chamber contestant replaced, Former US Champion returns, Sheamus finds an ally

It’s the go-home show of WWE RAW before the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Even though WWE RAW hasn’t really been the benchmark for quality television over the past few weeks, there are several good reasons for us to be hyped for this week’s episode.

Only four matches (five if you count the fact that Roman Reigns will challenge the winner of the Elimination Chamber match) have been announced for the upcoming pay-per-view, meaning that all the pieces will come together on WWE RAW.

And there could certainly be more than one surprise, to get the audience hyped for a pay-per-view, that, to be honest, does not have a lot of hype around it.

If you can envision and envisage more WWE RAW surprises, be sure to sound off in the comments.

#5 Jeff Hardy is eliminated from the Elimination Chamber match, and a major star returns to WWE RAW

Not many people online seemed happy with the inclusion of Jeff Hardy in the Elimination Chamber 2021 match, despite his accolades. However, Hardy may only be in the match to make way for another former world Champion, who may show up on WWE RAW this week. This man is none other than the Modern Day Maharaja, Jinder Mahal.

We saw AJ Styles work on Jeff Hardy’s leg last week on WWE RAW, and Hardy sold it like the pro he is. Could Adam Pearce declare, once and for all, that Jeff Hardy is unfit to compete in the Elimination Chamber? He then invites Jinder Mahal into the mix.

Both Mahal and McIntyre have a story to tell since they left the company and returned to become WWE Champions. They did clash at WWE Superstar Spectacle, but let’s face it…they need a much bigger platform (like the 2021 Elimination Chamber) for the feud to play out.

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