‘I asked for him’ – Retired Legend reveals WWE rejected his plan for match against Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is considered one of the best in-ring talents of this generation, and rightfully so. The Yes Movement leader is an in-ring general who has a knack for making his opponents look like a million bucks.

Kurt Angle wished that he also had a match with Daniel Bryan when he returned to WWE. The Olympic gold medalist revealed during the latest episode of ‘The Kurt Angle Show’ on AdFreeShows that he was trying to secure a match with Daniel Bryan.

However, Daniel Bryan was on another brand at the time, and WWE had no plans to trade the former WWE Champion for a Kurt Angle match.

“I think I had him in the Rumble or the Battle Royal in Saudi Arabia, but he was the number one guy that I wanted. He was my dream match of current wrestlers that were wrestling today. I asked for him, but I, unfortunately, didn’t get him. I believe he was on the other show at that time, and so they didn’t have any plans of trading him over or letting him wrestler one match with me.”

Daniel was one of those guys: Kurt Angle on why he wanted to wrestle Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle.
Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle.

Angle explained that he would have loved to wrestle Daniel Bryan as he would have looked great in the match. Kurt Angle praised Daniel Bryan’s in-ring work and credited the SmackDown Superstar’s ability to make his opponents shine throughout the bout.

“I understand. I mean, he wasn’t on the same show. It is what it is. But I would have loved to wrestle him. He is another one that would have made me look incredible. That’s who I want to wrestle; You’ve got to understand that when you become a seasoned veteran, you find out the young guys who can carry your back, okay, who can carry you on their back. And Daniel was one of those guys. He has the ability to make anybody look incredible, and that’s why he has great matches. It’s not because he looks good; it’s because he makes his opponents look better than they are.”

Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle faced off just once in the WWE during the 2018 Greatest Royal Rumble match in Saudi Arabia. Considering Kurt Angle’s physical condition in his final run, a match against Daniel Bryan would have made a lot of sense. However, WWE had different ideas, and the singles match sadly never came to fruition.

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