“I could nearly feel it coming out of my belly button” – WWE Hall of Famer reveals dangerous rib Mr. Fuji pulled on him

Mr. Fuji is known for his odd sense of humor and his habit of playing ribs on WWE Superstars. Talking about Mr. Fuji, WWE Hall of Famer Bushwhacker Butch revealed how he got hurt because of one of the ribs that was played on him.

Mr. Fuji was a legend of the wrestling business but was known for his managerial run, where he threw salt into the eyes of wrestlers who were facing his clients.

Bushwhacker Luke talked about the ribs that Mr. Fuji played during his time in WWE, and called them dangerous. He also compared him to Owen Hart, another WWE wrestler whose ribs backstage were famous, and said that Hart’s were funny, but Mr. Fuji’s were ‘heavy’. He talked about a time that a WWE team that was managed by Mr. Fuji, The Powers of Pain, played a rib on them during a match, which ended up hurting Bushwhacker Butch.

“Fuji was the biggest riibber in the business. Owen’s ribs were humorous and didn’t hurt anyone. But Fuji? He was heavy. One night we were in Boston, New Haven against the Powers of Pain and their manager was Fuji (laughs). We won the match and did a spot, but they cut us off and they were getting the heat off Butch. They threw Butch to the floor. When they threw Butch to the floor, either Barb or Terry – The Warlord – took the referee and one of them took me. Fuji went and put a big padlock on the back of Butch’s trousers. We had army pants with a belt through it. And he put the padlock over the belt and through the loop. And it was not a small padlock. The body of the padlock was about that size (gestures showing the immense size of the padlock). It was a padlock. Then they threw Butch back to the ring and the first move that they did was to pick him up and slam him. Tell them Butch.”

Bushwhacker Butch went on to reveal that Mr. Fuji got The Barbarian and The Warlord to pick him up and slam him down on his back in the WWE ring, on top of the padlock. The WWE Hall of Famer went on to describe how much that hurt.

“Well, I didn’t even know the padlock was on the back of my trousers. I get back in the ring and they pick me up straight away nice and high for the slam. They were big guys, both of them – The Warlord and The Barbarian as you know, and very strong guys. I heard them laughing when they picked me up and I thought, ‘This is strange. Why was that?’ The next moment, down I went! Slam! This bloody padlock nearly went through my backbone. I could nearly feel it coming out of my belly button. That’s how bad it was.”

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The Bushwhackers reveal they were lucky to avoid Mr. Fuji’s ribs in WWE

The Bushwhackers revealed that while Butch was caught in that rib and paid for it with a lot of pain, they were lucky. That was the only time that Mr. Fuji got to pull a rib on Bushwhacker Butch. Other WWE Superstars were not so lucky, but when it came to The Bushwhackers, they were able to get away without having too many ribs played on them by the WWE roster.

“Boy, did I get out of the ring smartly. I did not sell that padlock shot. I got out of the ring. In the end, I laughed. It was the only rib that Fuji ever got me with, and it was a beaut. And Fuji used to do it all the time. Luke and I were very lucky. We always took a rib but guys very very rarely ever ribbed Luke and I. Some minor ones like that, and it was a minor one, but never a serious one. No one ever ribbed us seriously. We were lucky, they must have liked us I guess.”

The Bushwhackers were one of the most popular babyface tag teams during their time on the WWE roster, and were beloved by both the fans and the wrestlers backstage.

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