WWE SmackDown: 2 Superstars who flopped and 3 who impressed – Mistake with Seth Rollins’ return, second Elimination Chamber match confirmed

This week’s episode of WWE SmackDown had its fair share of highs and lows. While there were a handful of good segments, a lot of other events were quite underwhelming. The biggest talking point of the show was the confirmation of another Elimination Chamber match. The winner of this bout will get an opportunity to challenge Roman Reigns at the same pay-per-view.

In the opening segment of WWE SmackDown, Adam Pearce confirmed that Jey Uso and Kevin Owens would be the first two participants in the Elimination Chamber match. Later in the show, King Corbin and Sami Zayn defeated Rey and Dominik Mysterio to book their spots in the Elimination Chamber match. The show later confirmed the final entrants in its last match.

In this article, we will look at Superstars who impressed us on WWE SmackDown and those who did not.

#1 Impressed on WWE SmackDown: Cesaro

This victory could be a turning point for Cesaro
This victory could be a turning point for Cesaro

In the main event of WWE SmackDown, Cesaro and Daniel Bryan teamed up to take on Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. Despite their match last week, Cesaro and Daniel Bryan were in complete sync as they fought for the final two spots in the Elimination Chamber match. The match was entertaining as all four Superstars worked hard to deliver a short yet exciting match.

The WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions also looked strong inside the ring. However, Cesaro came across as the strongest competitor as he managed to dominate both his opponents despite being attacked earlier in the show. His in-ring maneuvers accounted for a spectacular display, and Cesaro looked more dangerous than ever.

The closing moments of the match saw Ziggler tapping out to Cesaro’s submission move. With this victory, Cesaro and Bryan sealed their respective spots in the Elimination Chamber match that will determine the next challenger for Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship. It was great to see Cesaro in the limelight on WWE SmackDown as he has deserved a world title push for a long time.

“I’ll see you real soon…”#SmackDown #WWEChamber #UniversalTitle @FightOwensFight @WWERomanReigns pic.twitter.com/1KCFd06Mjp

Following the match, Jey Uso attacked Cesaro with a steel chair. Soon, King Corbin and Sami Zayn also laid an attack on Bryan and Cesaro. While all the competitors were brawling on WWE SmackDown, Kevin Owens walked out and delivered a Stunner to everyone inside the ring while Roman Reigns watched the chaos unfold back in his room. After everyone rolled out of the ring, KO sat on a chair and sent a stern message to the Universal Champion claiming that he would not go anywhere.

#1 Flopped on WWE SmackDown: Seth Rollins

This seemed like a wasted opportunity on WWE SmackDown
This seemed like a wasted opportunity on WWE SmackDown

The news about Seth Rollins’ return on WWE SmackDown ruled the headlines for this week’s show. The fans had high expectations from his arrival on the Blue brand after making an appearance during Royal Rumble. The excitement peaked when he walked out to his old music, and we heard the phrase ‘Burn it Down’ as The Architect made his way to the ring.

His black suit and red tie prompted the onlookers to believe that he may have reverted to his previous heel gimmick, which is valid to an extent. But that was the only good thing about his segment. All he did was walk inside the ring and unconvincingly claimed that is a ‘changed man’ before saying how he is the locker-room leader.

At this point, all the WWE SmackDown Superstars left the ringside except Cesaro. Rollins thought that Cesaro would stay and listen to him, but the latter also walked away. Rollins then attacked Cesaro from behind before leaving the ThunderDome. To put it mildly, this was the most uneventful return that could have been booked, especially when it involved Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins is excellent as a heel – not the Rollins that played The Messiah, but the Rollins who betrayed The Shield. Tonight, we saw a slight glimpse of that Rollins, but it was ruined with poor writing. As a villain, he could have challenged Big E for the title. As a self-proclaimed ‘leader’, he could have crossed paths with Roman Reigns. The possibilities are limitless, and we hope that the creative team will make up for this underwhelming return on WWE SmackDown.

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