“I still tap into the old school mentality” – Rey Mysterio on how he trains his son Dominik

Rey Mysterio doesn’t believe in taking his foot off the gas when he is training with his son Dominik Mysterio. Training with an “old school” mentality helps the elder Mysterio perfect his craft.

Rey Mysterio is a professional wrestler who has been working in the squared-circle since 1989. In his 32-year wrestling career, Rey Mysterio has worked with a number of renowned promotions including WCW, AAA, NJPW and most notably WWE. As a WWE Superstar, Mysterio has won every major title the company has to offer.

On the Not About Wrestling podcast before this year’s Royal Rumble, Rey Mysterio spoke about how it was to grow up in a wrestling family. He admitted he still applies many old-school methods and techniques he learned from his uncle when he trains himself and Dominik Mysterio.

“I still tap into the old school mentality roots, where I don’t praise him for doing something good. I always tell him you can do so much better, and I think that is the key to perfecting certain things in life. In this case, in this sport which is eventually in time gonna make him better, but I am pretty rough on Dominick, and I love it too. I can’t be easy on him.”

Rey Mysterio is one of the few wrestlers in history to work alongside their children. Currently, both himself and Dominik are embroiled in a feud with King Corbin.

Rey Mysterio’s WWE career so far

Rey Mysterio has a storied 32-year career in professional wrestling and currently has no plans to retire any time soon. Mysterio worked with WWE for most of his career, spending 16 years with the company. He performed in a WWE ring in two separate stints.

His first stint was from 2002 to 2015 and he was the most successful in this one. During this period, Rey Mysterio won every title the company had to offer including the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship. He returned to WWE in 2018 after a three-year gap and has found success as a singles competitor and in teaming up Dominik.

Rey Mysterio plans on wrestling for a few more years, but will concentrate on nurturing his son into a seasoned professional wrestler. So far, his training methods have proved successful.

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