IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender 2021 Results: New #1 contender crowned; NJPW tag team to join IMPACT on Tuesday

IMPACT Wrestling presented their next special event tonight. No Surrender more than delivered with their nine-match card. Several title matches, a fantastic #1 contender’s match for the X-Division Championship, not to mention grudge matches. IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender had it all.

Our main event saw Tommy Dreamer face Rich Swann for the IMPACT Wrestling World Championship. The Good Brothers defended their tag titles against AEW’s Private Party and the dream team of James Storm and Chris Sabin.

This was definitely a great way to spend three hours, as time flew by. We kicked the night off with the first of two six-person tag team matches.

Decay vs. XXXL and Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb with a K

On IMPACT Wrestling last week, Decay debuted a new member, their latest monster. Black Taurus completely demolished Kaleb with a K in less than a minute, impressing and intimidating XXXL.

XXXL’s Acey Romero started the night off but refused to hit a woman when Rosemary entered the ring. Tenille Dashwood stepped up but was easily overtaken by the Demon Assassin. Other members of Decay and XXXL were soon brought in, eventually leading to the showdown between Taurus and Acey Romero.

Not only was Taurus a heavy hitter, but he was deceptively quick as well, managing to both go toe-to-toe with the super heavyweights of XXXL while easily outmaneuvering them. After all, this was a show made to promote Taurus, and that’s exactly what we saw.


Ultimately, Taurus was the one to pick up the win with a beautiful moonsault neckbreaker on Larry D, preceded by some classic Decay mist, of course.

Results: Decay defeated XXXL and Tenille Dashwood via pinfall at IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender.

Grade: B

Brian Myers and Hernandez vs. Eddie Edwards and Matt Cardona

Of course, Matt Cardona was hoping to hook up with his old tag team partner Brian Myers. Eddie Edwards started things off for his team but quickly tagged in Matt Cardona. The former Tag Team Champions about to go to blows, but Myers decided against it, tagging in Hernandez instead.

Of course, once Super Mex ran over Edwards and Cardona, the “Most Professional Wrestler” in IMPACT Wrestling entered the fray once again.


Edwards was left in the ring for quite some time, leaving Cardona in the ring for the majority of the match while Myers and Hernandez battered the former IMPACT Wrestling World Champion. A superplex, though, was enough to get Edwards over to Cardona just as Myers ran in.

While Cardona looked great and seemed to be in control, Myers was able to send him face-first into an exposed turnbuckle. The clothesline followed up for the victory.

Results: Brian Myers and Hernandez defeated Matt Cardona and Eddie Edwards via pinfall at IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender.

Grade: B-

Jake Something vs. Deaner w/Violent By Design


This story was months in the making. After Deaner betrayed his cousin at IMPACT Wrestling Final Resolution, he joined Violent By Design. Now with a shaved head and a new attitude, he hoped to put his former tag team partner in his rearview mirror.

Early on, of course, Jake Something easily overpowered Deaner. The size difference was difficult to ignore, and Jake used it to his advantage. The referee didn’t notice the interference by VBD, with Eric Young spiking Jake on the floor with a DDT. From there on, Jake was fighting from beneath.

Deaner used the ring and ringside area for the majority of his offense, choking out Jake in the ropes and sending him into the ring post. Eventually, though, Jake would fire up after catching Deaner with a big powerbomb. After momentarily taking care of VBD, Jake managed to put his cousin away with the Bossman Slam.

Results: Jake Something defeated Deaner via pinfall at IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender.

Grade: C+

IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender Triple Threat Revolver Match

Suicide, Trey Miguel, and Blake Christian kicked off this innovative IMPACT Wrestling X-Division #1 contender’s match. Miguel and Christian were the highlight, as they were on IMPACT earlier this week during an eight-man tag.

Suicide felt the wrath of Miguel, and was locked in the Hourglass submission, being the first eliminated from the bout.

Trey Miguel eliminated Suicide.

The next man in? Chris Bey. The former X-Division Champion, always impressive, sent Blake Christian to the showers with a VerteBEYker.

Chris Bey eliminated Blake Christian.

Another former champion, Daivari, was in next. However, unlike Bey, he wasn’t in for long. The Meteora drove Daivari into the mat for the three-count.

Trey Miguel eliminated Daivari.

The Walking Weapon and former IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champion entered the bout and used his immense strength advantage to overpower Trey Miguel and Chris Bey. Eventually, following a hellacious powerbomb, the ankle lock forced the Ultimate Finesser to tap out.

Josh Alexander eliminated Chris Bey.

Willie Mack was in next but faced a similar fate as Daivari. Next one in, next one out. Mack ad some time to shine, obviously, driving Alexander and Miguel into the mat in the Tower of Doom. Ultimately, though, another Meteora tossed the former champ out of the match.

Trey Miguel eliminated Willie Mack.

The final man to enter the Triple Threat Revolver was Ace Austin. The Ace of the X-Division, fresh as could be, faced off against two men that had been in the match for quite a while. Trey, specifically, had been here from the starting bell.

In quite a shocking moment, The Walking Weapon managed to use Trey Miguel by hitting a double Death Valley Driver, with Miguel set up to spike Ace Austin with a piledriver. It was easily the move of the night and helped send Alexander to the winner’s circle.

Results: Josh Alexander won the IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender Triple Threat Revolver Match.

Grade: A

IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Texas Tornado Tag Team Title Match: Havok and Nevaeh vs. Fire N Flava (c)

Fire N Flava captured the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Championship at Hard to Kill back in January, last knocking off Havok and Nevaeh in a spectacular finals match of a tournament that saw the company highlight their Knockouts Division for weeks.

Since then, they’d been ducking the duo, understandably. The champions were able to take control early on, with the Texas Tornado rules really complementing their playstyle. With the use of weapons, Fire N Flava were able to batter Havok and Nevaeh throughout the match.


Though it seemed, at many times, they would be able to overpower Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan, it all fell apart when Havok was tossed head first into a chair. Nevaeh fell next with a cutter on a street sign, giving Fire N Flava the win.

Results: Fire N Flava defeated Havok and Nevaeh via pinfall at IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender.

Grade: B

IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Championship: Rohit Raju w/ Mahabali Shera vs. TJP (c)

With the return of Mahabali Shera, TJP had a serious uphill battle to climb at No Surrender. Before TJP even got to the ring, he was attacked by the Mocca Skin Manimal.

Throughout the match, TJP was constantly watching his back, and any time he focused on Shera, he would be blindsided by the former X-Division Champion.

Rohit Raju seemingly had the match wrapped up, especially when he hit his running knee on the champion. Still, when he accidentally took out his monstrous right hand man, it allowed TJP to spike him with a springboard DDT. The Mamba Splash earned TJP the win, which meant that Josh Alexander would be facing TJP for the X-Division Championship in the near future.

Results: TJP defeated Rohit Raju via pinfall at IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender.

Grade: A

Jordynne Grace, Jazz, and ODB vs. Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, and Susan

Four IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champions, an NWA and WWE Women’s Champion, and someone who will surely be holding gold in the near future in Kimber Lee. This was a stacked six-person tag match. ODB returned to IMPACT Wrestling again recently, joining forces with Jazz and Thicc Mama Pump.

Lee kicked things off with ODB before Susan was ready to enter the bout. She squared off with Jordynne Grace and had a rough time. Had she been Su Yung, it may have ended differently for her. Unfortunately, Susan just didn’t stand a chance against any of her opponents tonight.

Thanks to the current IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo, they were able to slow Jordynne Grace down. For several minutes, Grace was stuck on the wrong side of the ring. Eventually, she was able to bring in ODB, who came in like a house of fire.

The multi-time Knockouts Champ ran through Susan, eventually hitting her second-rope Thesz Press for a near fall. Jazz would ultimately pick up the win, forcing Susan to tap out with an STF.

Results: Jazz, ODB, and Jordynne Grace defeated Susan, Kimber Lee, and Deonnz Purrazzo via submission at IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender.

Grade: B

IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Title Triple Threat: Private Party vs. James Storm and Chris Sabin vs. The Good Brothers (c)

Thanks to their actions on IMPACT Wrestling on Tuesday, Private Party inadvertently managed to get James Storm, and Chris Sabin added to this championship bout, giving The Good Brothers their most difficult defense since capturing the gold. Private Party actually showed out throughout the night, though, nearly stealing the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Titles on several occasions.

James Storm almost captured the gold with the Eye of the Storm on Marq Quen, but the young star was able to kick out just in time.

Matt Hardy eventually got involved, planting Storm with the Twist of Fate. Isiah Kassidy played the part of Jeff Hardy, landing a beautiful Swanton Bomb. Quen was next with the Shooting Star Press.

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