Rey Mysterio recalls his 2006 Royal Rumble winning strategy

Rey Mysterio recently spoke about his Royal Rumble winning strategy that he used in 2006. Mysterio recalled how his strategy of hiding under the turnbuckle helped him not just win the Royal Rumble but also set the record for most time spent in a Rumble match.

Rey Mysterio has been wrestling for the past 32 years. He has spent the majority of his career with WWE, where he has won numerous titles, including the World Heavyweight Championship. Mysterio is currently a part of SmackDown, where he has been mentoring and teaming up with his son Dominik.

Discussing elimination botches in the Royal Rumble on the Not About Wrestling podcast, Rey Mysterio recalled his Royal Rumble win back in 2006. Mysterio believes that his strategy of hiding under the turnbuckle was a genius move that helped him win the marquee match.

“Not precisely, but in 2006 when I won the Royal Rumble if you go back and watch that event, I did spend most of my time hiding under the turnbuckles and I thought that was a great strategy for me. I was the second person coming in, so I enjoyed it and it eventually helped me win the Royal Rumble and setting the record for most time spent in the Royal Rumble match.”

Rey Mysterio’s performance at the Royal Rumble was amazing, not just because he won the match and set the record for the longest time spent in the match, but also because his victory was dedicated to the late Eddie Guerrero.

What is next for Rey Mysterio?

Rey Mysterio currently wrestles on SmackDown alongside his son Dominik Mysterio where they have been feuding with King Corbin. Corbin has been targeting the Mysterios for some time now, but there is still no clear cut plan for this storyline.

Prior to this, Rey Mysterio and his family were feuding with The Messiah Seth Rollins. Considering Rollins recently returned to SmackDown, perhaps we could see this feud reignite, especially since The Messiah still has unfinished business with his former disciple Murphy.

What storyline would you put Rey Mysterio and his family in? Do you think he should reignite his feud with Seth Rollins? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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