Rey Mysterio reveals when he plans to retire

Rey Mysterio is arguably the greatest luchador to ever wrestle in a WWE ring. For almost 32 years, he has wowed audiences with his ability and skill. However, at the age of 46, Rey Mysterio may be looking to hang up his boots very soon.

Rey Mysterio is a professional wrestler currently working with WWE. He wrestles on WWE’s SmackDown brand along with his son Dominik Mysterio. He has had a storied career with WWE winning every major title the company has to offer.

On the Not About Wrestling podcast, Rey Mysterio discussed his retirement and how he plans on going out. He responded to a question regarding the possibility of having his son retire him, saying that he would rather go out on a high note, winning championship gold with his son, rather than being retired by his son in a match.

“I haven’t thought about him retiring me, but I have thought about winning gold together. A lot of people have said, “I can see Dominik retiring you, and you fighting your son”. That is what everybody expects to happen, but why not leave the ending of this story on a high note. Retiring with my hands raised up high, Mayweather style. I’m hoping I can be the first one to say “that’s it” and that’s it.”

Rey Mysterio’s retirement has been alluded to by WWE in the past. He recently had a “retirement ceremony” during his feud with Seth Rollins. While it did not end with Mysterio’s retirement, we can assume that WWE will definitely pay respect to Rey once he does make the decision.

Rey Mysterio’s wrestling career

Rey Mysterio has been wrestling for over 30 years now and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. In his career, Mysterio has wrestled in various promotions across the world, most notably wrestling in Japan, Mexico, and the USA.

Mysterio has won several championships in his career, holding the top title at least once in AAA, Lucha Underground, and WWE. The last title he held was the United States Championship back in 2019.

Rey Mysterio still has a lot left in the tank, but at the age of 46, it would come as no surprise if he chooses to retire in the next few years. When and how do you think Rey Mysterio should leave the world of wrestling? Let us know down below.

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