“We had some battles!” – Hollywood star reveals he wrestled Mick Foley in high school

Hollywood actor Kevin James has revealed that he wrestled WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley when the pair were in high school, saying they shared some “battles” together.

During his latest appearance on Hot Ones – the popular YouTube chat show where famous guests eat ridiculously spicy chicken wings – the Paul Blart: Mall Cop star was quizzed about his opinion on the hardcore icon Mick Foley, revealing that he was brought in as Foley’s training partner when no other heavyweights were available.

Here’s what Kevin James had to say on wrestling Mick Foley:

“You know, I played football, I was a running back on the team and I never wrestled really before. But they needed a heavyweight, they didn’t have a heavyweight to go with Mick (Foley). So they brought me over and we used to have some battles! I’d kind of throw him around a little bit, I think I was in better shape than him back then. But that’s where the mind started developing. I remember him jumping off his roof onto some cardboard boxes. He was just doing these weird things and he’s the nicest guy ever! I mean, he’s incredible. He writes children’s books, he does more for charity. Sweet, sweet guy. But, he’s just a little ‘off.’ He’s definitely a little off.”

Kevin James’ assessment of Mick Foley being a little ‘off’ is understandable, given just how much physical turmoil the former WWE Champion has endured over the course of his career.

Mick Foley tested positive for COVID-19 over Christmas and New Year

A regular voice on social media, these days Mick Foley can be seen supporting his friends and followers on Twitter, as well as recording personalized messages for fans on Cameo.

However, ‘Mrs Foley’s Baby Boy’ was struck with the Coronavirus over the Christmas and New Year period, forcing him into quarantine. This news was especially upsetting given just how popular Foley is with his fanbase online, as well as how vocal he has been in support of COVID safety measures.

But it seems Mick Foley is back to good health, regularly updating the world on his thoughts and exploits via social media.

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