“Feed him to Reigns!” – Former WWE writer reveals how he would book Edge vs Roman Reigns

Former WWE writer Vince Russo has revealed how he would book the rivalry between Edge and Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship, heading into WrestleMania 37.

On the first episode of SK Wrestling’s Writing with Russo – the show where Vince Russo reveals how he would book WWE storylines – the former WWE employee and creative went into detail as to how he would build the feud between the Rated-R Superstar and the Head of the Table.

Needless to say, Russo would have done things a lot differently from the way they have been done by WWE up until this point. Specifically, he would have made things much more personal by involving Edge’s best friend Christian. Here’s what Russo had to say on how he would build Edge vs Roman Reigns:

“Bro, that was the missing piece. Because if the story is Christian is going to make this heroic comeback, and I ain’t going to start at the bottom, I’m going to show people I still have it. Christian makes the heroic comeback, they feed him to Reigns! Ok, bro, what do we have now? Now, we’ve got Apollo Creed and Dolph Lundgren. This is what we’ve got now. Roman Reigns at the pinnacle of his career, healthy, on top of the world. A guy who hasn’t wrestled in seven years… he has that match with Roman. They freaking carve it up. Roman makes sure this guy never wrestles again. All this takes place before the Royal Rumble, by the way.”

Vince Russo would have Roman Reigns destroy Christian to entice Edge to return

Rather than simply returning to fight for a title he never lost, Russo would have made the potential rivalry between the Ultimate Opportunist and The Tribal Chief much more personal. Having Roman Reigns crush Christian would give Edge no choice but to return and avenge his friend and former tag team partner, as Russo would explain:

“So now, this is Edge’s reason to get into the Royal Rumble. I don’t just expect to walk in the door and get a title shot. Blah, blah, blah. Now he’s got the reason. Now you’ve got him fighting for the honor of his friend. Just like when Drago killed Creed. Bro, it’s so simple! But you can’t do this when you’re writing television out of your backside forty-eight hours before the show!”

You can watch the full clip from Writing with Russo here:

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