5 Reasons why we shouldn’t rule out Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan as a WrestleMania match

Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan is not a feud that anyone expects in the main event spot of WrestleMania at this particular point in time. However, in this article, we shall attempt to make a case for the said match.

Daniel Bryan has been putting over Superstars galore, eating the pin consistently to put them on the map. Meanwhile, Roman Reigns is the biggest heel, not merely in WWE but in the entire pro wrestling business, revolutionizing the industry with the ‘Head of the Table’ gimmick.

Why could these two forces clash at a stage like WrestleMania? We will expound on our points in this article, and we invite you to share your valuable insights in the comments.

Obviously, right now everything seems to point towards a Roman Reigns vs. Edge match at WrestleMania. But here’s why the alternative situation with Daniel Bryan could happen in WWE, where, as they say ‘plans always change’.

#5 The Cesaro factor

Okay, so Daniel Bryan may be a part of the Elimination Chamber match, but in all likelihood, it is likely to be Cesaro who wins the contest, based on how he is being pushed.

So how does this bring us to Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan?

So, let’s say Roman Reigns faces a tired and exhausted Cesaro in the main event match of WWE Elimination Chamber 2021. As great as Cesaro is, there is no chance at all that WWE will run with him as the Universal Champion. Roman Reigns is likely to inflict a beatdown that invokes the ire of his friend, Daniel Bryan.

This could lead us to Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. The two men have been teaming up on WWE SmackDown and have known each other since their days in the independents.

#4 Allows Daniel Bryan to defeat Roman Reigns and the live crowd to rejoice

Imagine Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania, with a packed crowd in attendance. Imagine Daniel Bryan bringing the tyranny of Roman Reigns to an end, making him tap out to the Yes Lock, as the audience breaks into chants of ‘Yes’!

Not only will this be a triumph for WWE and Daniel Bryan’s fans, but for humanity as a whole, after a year of performing with no fans in the crowd. It will be the ultimate victory of good over evil, as the evil Roman Reigns is vanquished.

Yes, the same holds true for Edge defeating Roman Reigns as well, but well, those celebrations cannot rival ‘The Yes Movement’. Daniel Bryan introduced something special into the pro wrestling world with the move, something that has become a tradition among wrestling fans.

If you know how WWE thinks, they will want to celebrate the victory of the human spirit over the dreaded virus by having the crowd chant ‘Yes’ in unison. To be fair, who wouldn’t?

#3 WWE has kept Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan apart, quite suspiciously

Isn’t it strange that Daniel Bryan vs. heel Roman Reigns has not happened yet, but the Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns feud is continuing even now? It is still ongoing after Roman Reigns comprehensively defeated Kevin Owens on three successive occasions.

Also, if you factor in the obvious by stating that Jey Uso turned heel by attacking Daniel Bryan, then it makes you wonder why WWE has not given us a Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns match yet. The only possible explanation is that they are being kept apart for a massive clash at WrestleMania 37.

We are yet to see a showdown between the current version of Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan, someone who personifies positive energy and a ‘never say die’ attitude. If the match does happen at WrestleMania, it will explain why the two men have been separated in such a manner until now. The two men are also exceptional workers and a clash between them will definitely be worth the wait.

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