John Cena’s awkward reaction to watching his own movie revealed

Former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz recently appeared on The Masked Man Show and recalled John Cena’s awkward reaction to watching The Marine at a WWE office.

The Marine was John Cena’s debut movie, produced by WWE Studios in 2006. The movie was heavily panned by critics, and currently holds a rating of 4.7 on IMDb. While talking about The Rock’s confused and awkward reaction to WWE fans booing Roman Reigns following his Royal Rumble 2015 victory, Gewirtz compared it to him watching The Marine with John Cena at WWE’s offices.

According to Gewirtz, the duo looked at each other after watching the movie, and John Cena proceeded to awkwardly tell him to come with him for a drink. Check out the full comment below:

“It was sort of the same unspoken but spoken moment that I had with John Cena when the two of us watched ‘Marine’, privately in the offices of WWE. And it spawned 16 sequels and everything, and The Miz, and all that, but, at the time, we watched it, and we just sort of like, gave each other a look. And then John’s like, ‘Let’s go get something to drink.’”

John Cena, despite his rough beginnings, ended up doing well in Hollywood

John Cena is currently a big name in Hollywood. Back in 2006, The Marine was criticized by experts as well as fans, and WWE legend The Rock took a major shot at the movie while inducting his father and grandfather into the 2008 WWE Hall of Fame.

John Cena was the biggest babyface in WWE at the time, and went on to become a 16-time World Champion. Over the past few years, he has turned into a part-time wrestler, and WrestleMania 37 will possibly be the first time since his WWE debut that he won’t be appearing at The Show of Shows. Cena recently revealed that he is busy filming Peacemaker and that travel restrictions will likely force him out of the mega event this year.

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