Kevin Owens reacts to fan saying he should have used John Cena’s trick to defeat Roman Reigns

Kevin Owens posted a tweet reacting to the ending to his Universal title match against Roman Reigns, in response to a fan who stated that he should have used John Cena’s tactic to win the bout.

At WWE Royal Rumble 2021, Kevin Owens took on Roman Reigns with the latter’s Universal title on the line. The horribly botched ending to an otherwise incredible match saw Roman Reigns being handcuffed to a lighting rig by Owens, following which the referee stopped counting.

A fan told Owens on Twitter that he should have used John Cena’s trick to win the Last Man Standing match. Fans might remember how John Cena won a WWE title Last Man Standing match against his arch-rival Batista, back in 2010. Owens had the following response to the tweet:

John Cena’s trick to defeat Batista was certainly a creative one

At WrestleMania 26, John Cena defeated Batista to win the WWE title, but the feud was far from over. At Extreme Rules, the two megastars faced again with the coveted belt on the line. The match almost lasted 25 minutes, and John Cena was heavily praised for the way he won it. During the closing moments of the bout, Cena took out a duct tape and tied Batista’s legs to one of the ring posts. An irate Batista kept screaming helplessly, as the official finished the 10 count, thus awarding the victory and the WWE Championship to John Cena.

Kevin Owens has another shot at the Universal title at the upcoming Elimination Chamber event, where he will meet five other men inside the structure. If Owens wins the match, he will face Roman Reigns on the same night, with the Universal title on the line. One wonders how an exhausted Owens will manage to go at it with Reigns, if he ends up winning the Elimination Chamber match. Odds are heavily stacked against all six men in the match, but stranger things have happened in WWE in the past.

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