5 Possible surprises in the rest of February- Edge names unexpected WWE challenger, Brock Lesnar destroys current Champion

The rest of February is a critical time for WWE to set the stage for WrestleMania and beyond. Not only does this include WWE Elimination Chamber 2021, but the episodes of RAW and SmackDown surrounding the event.

So much could happen in the remaining two weeks of February, and we are here to give you an overview and rundown of the same. Be sure to leave a comment and let us know if you think one or more of these surprises could potentially happen in the rest of the month. If you feel otherwise, please let us know as well.

#5 Drew McIntyre eliminates The Miz to remain WWE Champion, The Miz cashes in following his loss

Nobody really expects Drew McIntyre to drop the WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber, even though he goes up against five of the most dominant men in the wrestling business. And to the surprise of no one, the WWE Champion could hand out Claymores galore to each and every man in the Elimination Chamber to pick up a victory. While he is celebrating, The Miz could cash in his contract to become the WWE Champion.

It doesn’t make sense for The Miz to be unsuccessful in his cash-in attempt, considering that WWE took the briefcase from Otis earlier in the year.

The Miz could hold the WWE Championship all the way until WrestleMania comes around and find ways to sneak away with victories against the top babyfaces on RAW. This will allow stars like Kofi Kingston and Ricochet, who may not necessarily get a shot against Drew McIntyre to take The Miz on prior to WrestleMania. The Miz could lose his title at the grandest sports entertainment spectacle of them all, thanks to the following scenario.

#4 Edge challenges The Miz for the WWE Championship on the following episode of RAW

So, let’s just assume that The Miz is the WWE Champion following the scenario we just outlined. Edge could finally make up his mind about which title he’s going after, following this swerve and make his intentions known in the ‘fallout’ episode of RAW after Elimination Chamber 2021.

Edge could confront The Miz and John Morrison and say that he’s going after the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. And before the pay-per-view comes around, he could team up with Christian to even the odds.

Of course, Edge vs. The Miz does not seem like a big enough match to main-event WrestleMania this year, which is why there’s every possibility that Drew McIntyre will find a way to get involved in the mix. Maybe Drew McIntyre will win back the WWE Championship, this time in front of a packed crowd.

Roman Reigns, instead of Edge, could now take on Goldberg at WrestleMania for the WWE Universal Championship in a battle of spears.

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