WWE RAW: 5 reasons why Sheamus pinned Drew McIntyre in the Gauntlet Match

Sheamus did it, just as we predicted the night before. He defeated Drew McIntyre at the end to win the Gauntlet Match on RAW. As a result, Sheamus will now be the last entrant into the Elimination Chamber match and will be the odds-on favorite to win the WWE Championship at the Elimination Chamber match.

Not that we expect Sheamus to win, but he is in the most important spot as a singles star that he has been in years. We’re happy to see The Celtic Warrior having a bit of a career resurgence, even if it means not winning the WWE Title.

But the fact that it’s 2021, and he is still in the WWE Title picture speaks volumes about how far he has come and how good he still is. Some would argue that this is Sheamus’ best singles run in years, and it’s hard to disagree.

In the main event of RAW, Sheamus was the final entrant to the Gauntlet Match and attacked Drew McIntyre from behind before eventually securing a relatively easy victory.

Here are five reasons why Sheamus pinned Drew McIntyre and qualified as the final entrant into the Elimination Chamber match this Sunday.

#5. Sheamus was the most logical option

Sheamus was victorious on RAW
Sheamus was victorious on RAW

When looking at the field of competitors for the Gauntlet Match, the options were – AJ Styles, Kofi Kingston (who replaced The Miz), Drew McIntyre, Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, and finally, Sheamus.

Going with each competitor, there are individual reasons why they wouldn’t have made sense. For AJ Styles, he isn’t receiving a WWE Championship push now and is in a good spot where he is. Kofi Kingston wasn’t going to get the 2019 push anyway, so it didn’t make sense to go with him.

Drew McIntyre was the Iron Man of the match, and his role in this case was to get pinned by Sheamus. Jeff Hardy has been on a losing streak, while Randy Orton has been involved with Alexa Bliss.

Of all the competitors, only Sheamus made sense as a logical winner of the Gauntlet Match on RAW. That’s why the outcome was slightly predictable, albeit well-executed.

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