“He’s this generation’s Hulk Hogan” – Former WWE Superstar compares John Cena to Hall of Famer

Former WWE Superstar Chris Masters has addressed the comparisons between John Cena and WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan.

On the latest episode of Inside SKoop with Dr. Chris Featherstone, The Masterpiece was quizzed on his opinion of the Doctor of Thuganomics. Masters had nothing but positive comments for John Cena, who he said had turned into “this generation’s Hulk Hogan” during his time in WWE.

Here’s what Chris Masters had to say on John Cena:

“If you’re asking what was the impression of him? I think everybody knew Cena was going to do well in pro wrestling and he was going to be successful. I don’t know if we anticipated him becoming this generation’s Hulk Hogan. Which is kind of what I think Cena turned into eventually. I mean, you know, he was the poster boy for the company, he wasn’t “say your prayers, take your vitamins” and all that stuff. But I mean he was definitely an inspiration to the kids.”

Chris Masters says John Cena was a “legit” athlete

Chris Masters was also quick to point out just how “legit” of an athlete John Cena is, citing his natural athletic ability, strength and imposing size.

“I don’t know if anybody anticipated, but everybody knew he would do well. Because the look, the charisma, the personality, you know what I mean? He had that. And also, he was a freak athletically, as far as his strength and all that kind of stuff. He’s not one of those guys who just looks like he’s powerful. He’s legit. He’s got wrists and hands that are huge! He’ll mess you up!”

You can watch the full clip between Dr. Chris Featherstone and Chris Masters on Inside SKoop here


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