When is The Fiend coming back to WWE?

The Fiend has been one of the best gimmicks in WWE over the last few years, but some would argue that the character has gone a bit flat in recent months.

However, The Fiend’s feud with Randy Orton has been pretty interesting, thanks to the inclusion of Alexa Bliss. The last time The Fiend was on WWE television was in the Firefly Inferno match at the TLC pay-per-view in December. That clash ended with Orton setting The Fiend’s body alight.

Alexa Bliss teased The Fiend’s return on RAW

This past week’s WWE RAW threw up the biggest indication that The Fiend could return to WWE television soon. Alexa Bliss, in her segment, stated that “he will be reborn.” She was perhaps alluding to The Fiend, who was, of course, burnt alive by Orton.

Randy Orton was speaking about his match at this weekend’s Elimination Chamber, where he will face five other Superstars for the WWE Championship. But his promo was cut short by Bliss, who was sitting on a Pentagram on the floor. She said that “he” will be reborn in the future, before the segment ended with her unleashing a disturbing laugh.

The Firefly Funhouse was also shown at the start of the Bliss promo, which is perhaps the biggest indication that The Fiend is set to return to WWE soon.

Later in the night on RAW, during the Gauntlet match, Alexa Bliss once again made an appearance. This time she was on the screens in the ThunderDome while Orton was performing. Orton lost via countout due to Bliss’ distraction.

The Elimination Chamber pay-per-view could potentially be where The Fiend eventually returns to WWE. He could take revenge on Randy Orton, who will be inside the Elimination Chamber structure. This could see the Orton-Fiend rivalry continue on to WrestleMania 37.

Orton will be one of six Superstars to compete in the Chamber with Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship on the line. Kofi Kingston, Sheamus, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, and the champion, Drew McIntyre, are the five other competitors

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