“I’ve never seen that in the locker room” – Xavier Woods reveals backstage reaction to up-and-coming Superstar’s big win

Xavier Woods talked about Bianca Belair’s recent Royal Rumble win and how it impacted backstage morale in WWE. Belair won this year’s Women’s Royal Rumble match despite entering at number three. The EST of WWE outlasted all the other women to guarantee herself a title shot at WrestleMania 37.

Bianca Belair made a historic debut in the Royal Rumble match last year by eliminating eight Superstars. However, she was unable to win the match. The former NXT Superstar fulfilled her destiny this year by finally coming out victorious in the Royal Rumble match.

Former Tag Team Champion Xavier Woods said he was very happy for Bianca and talked about how her win had a positive effect in the locker room. Speaking on The New Day’s Feel The Power podcast, Woods said he was amazed at the admiration her victory received in the locker room.

”If someone is going to applaud, you know, veterans come back and we go to gorilla and everybody claps, great job, all that stuff. But like, for people who pretty much just came on to the roster and haven’t had the chance to do a bunch of crazy things yet, everyone was so happy for her. The genuine arms up in the air screaming that she won, I’ve never seen that in the locker room.”

Xavier Woods on why Bianca Belair’s win was special

RAW Superstar Xavier Woods also said that he himself walked up to Bianca Belair and told her that never in his 10-year-long run with WWE had he seen such a backstage pop for someone’s victory.

Woods admitted the sight of everyone being so happy for Bianca Belair’s Royal Rumble win warmed his heart.

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