WWE signs 20-year-old rising star to UK brand – Reports

According to a report from Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT, WWE NXT UK has signed 20 year-old Millie McKenzie. The young talent has already made prior appearances for the brand.

McKenzie formerly turned down a deal from WWE in 2016, due to her already wanting to continue working in Japan.

McKenzie has wrestled almost everywhere on the British Independent Wrestling Circuit since making her debut aged 15 in 2016. She has wrestled for established wrestling promotions like Defiant Wrestling and CHIKARA.

She is also already scheduled to wrestle on February 20 for PROGRESS Wrestling at Chapter 104: Natural Progression.

As of now, it has not been confirmed when McKenzie will be returning to WWE NXT UK as a signed talent. She has already wrestled three matches in WWE NXT UK back in 2018. Her last match for the promotion was a tag team match where she, alongside Xia Brookside, defeated Killer Kelly and Charlie Morgan.

Unfortunately, McKenzie hasn’t wrestled since March of last year after the pandemic hit. Her match against Mercedez Blaze at Chapter 104: Natural Progression will be her first in almost a year.

WWE NXT UK has signed a lot of talent recently

Ben Carter
Ben Carter

WWE NXT UK had to be put on pause in March due to COVID restrictions. It returned to screens in September of last year, but fans are yet to see another WWE NXT UK TakeOver.

Since its return, WWE has put special attention on the UK brand. The company has tweaked things and signed as much talent as possible to make the brand more appealing.

The most recent major signings to the WWE NXT UK brand include Ben Carter, Sha Samuels, and most recently, former World of Stardom Champion Meiko Satomura.

WWE NXT UK still had quite the following in its home nation before the pandemic hit. Its shows and TakeOvers were jam packed with people filling up seats in arenas. WWE plans on bringing back the same enthusiasm once the crowds are back.

The UK wrestling industry has recently taken a hit and WWE has made efforts towards bouncing back. As mentioned earlier, one of WWE’s strategies was signing new talent and so far it is working.

Fans have made sure to tune in to see young prospects like Ben Carter give a peak into what the future holds. With WWE signing Millie McKenzie, it will be interesting to see how she slots into the roster on NXT UK

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