IMPACT Wrestling Results: X-Division title match steals the show; The Good Brothers confront NJPW stars

IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender was a spectacular event with several top-tier title matches, not to mention the surprising announcement of NJPW’s FinJuice, Juice Robinson, and David Finlay who would be debuting tonight. The X-Division Championship was also on the line, as Josh Alexander, the new Mo.1 Contender, would battle TJP for the gold.

All that, plus the fallout from the main event of No Surrender. Moose attacked Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer after the IMPACT Wrestling World Title Match. With Swann not around this week, Tommy Dreamer vowed to make Mr. IMPACT Wrestling pay.

Before IMPACT Wrestling, AXSTV debuted the brand new show Bring The IMPACT, a one-hour preview show of the weekly wrestling program. However, it also featured a match between Decay and XXXL, with Decay picking up the first win on BTI.

What kicked off IMPACT Wrestling this week? Well, at No Surrender, Josh Alexander won the first-ever Triple Threat Revolver Match, earning him a shot at the X-Division Championship. He would get his opportunity tonight. TJP also had an intense war at No Surrender, as he was taken to the limit by Rohit Raju. Just three nights later, could he retain against The Walking Weapon of IMPACT Wrestling?

IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Championship Match: Josh Alexander vs TJP (c)

TJP looked to bring down the former IMPACT Wrestling Tag team Champion with his mat prowess. Josh Alexander easily defended it early on in the bout, refusing to give TJP any ground on various submission attempts.

It was a stalemate, with two of the best mat wrestlers in the company going at it. TJP’s first major mistake was a springboard attempt, allowing Josh Alexander to snatch him out of the air for a backbreaker. Alexander then worked over the ankle with a heel hook.

TJP attempted to escape Alexander’s grasp, but the big man was able to go counter-for-counter, eventually leading to an ankle lock into a powerbomb. TJP managed to catch him with a triangle choke, but Alexander stood up, taking TJP to the corner and slingshotting him face-first into the second turnbuckle.

Alexander went after TJP’s shoulders next but was caught in an abdominal stretch. TJP sent him to the floor for a triangle dropkick to the outside. Back in the ring, a flying crossbody took the challenger down. The IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champ followed that with a tornado DDT.

Next up was the senton bomb, but Alexander rolled away. TJP made it to the apron but was caught by Alexander’s sliding crossbody through the ropes. Alexander attempted to follow up in the ring but was caught driving with a dropkick from the champion.

TJP avoided another ankle lock and rocked Alexander with a roundhouse, but the Mamba Splash attempted was stopped. Alexander rushed him, looking for an avalanche double under hook suplex. TJP countered, sending Alexander to the mat. The Mamba Splash was blocked, though, and Alexander quickly locked in the ankle lock.

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