How Paul Heyman and Ronda Rousey could help top WWE star revealed

Former WWE star Tommy Dreamer has touched upon Charlotte Flair being a babyface and how she can be helped by the return of Ronda Rousey. Dreamer said that Paul Heyman alongside Rousey could give Flair more sympathy and become a better babyface.

On the Busted Open podcast, Bully Ray talked about a potential match between Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey, with Paul Heyman on the latter’s side. The WWE Hall of Famer and Tommy Dreamer talked about how Heyman could help Flair become a babyface with his brutal promos.

“Unfortunately, this is a bit of fantasy booking right here and probably will never happen. But, if Ronda Rousey ever returned and Paul Heyman was her manager, could Paul Heyman get the sympathy on Charlotte Flair that we’ve been talking about?”

Dreamer replied and stated that Paul Heyman can get under “anybody’s skin” and he’s good at that.

“Absolutely. I can hit three lines right off the bat, which I’m not going to say, that would dig at her and Paul Heyman could do that. Paul Heyman could get under anybody’s skin cause he’s great at what he does, and he can take a personal issue and run at it.”

Bully Ray asked Tommy Dreamer what were the three lines that Heyman could use against Charlotte Flair, but the hardcore legend chose not to say, joking that he doesn’t get paid to give WWE ideas.

Tommy Dreamer on why Charlotte Flair being a babyface in WWE is hard

Dreamer also spoke about why Charlotte Flair being a babyface is hard. He said that she needs to be pitted against a better heel in WWE.

“That’s a hard one. Again, she would need a big, big heel to turn her babyface. I don’t know who that heel would be. The only person who I could see have that attitude would be Sasha (Banks).”

A feud between Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks may not happen in the near future as the former is currently on RAW, while the latter is on SmackDown and is the WWE Women’s Champion of the Blue brand.

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