“We are going to do it right” – Triple H reveals chance of opening another brand of WWE NXT

Triple H has now addressed the possibility of WWE hosting more regular weekly shows with NXT outside of their usual WWE NXT and NXT UK brands.

For a long time now, fans have known about Triple H’s ambition of using the NXT brand to open up different shows across the world with local talent. The idea was already implemented in the United Kingdom, where NXT UK has been doing quite well. WWE also ran a Superstar Spectacle show that featured Indian talent, possibly testing the waters for a future brand for the country.

Triple H was recently part of a post-event media call following WWE NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day, where he spoke about opening yet another brand of WWE NXT. Talking about the amazing Latino talent on hand, Triple H revealed that there was more than enough to open a Latino brand of WWE NXT. However, he mentioned that the timing had to be right.

“I agree with you that we have a lot of Latino talent across the board on all brands. Whether you’re talking about next-level talent – Andrade – you’re talking about Humberto Carillo, Angel Garza. When you get past that, Lince Dorado, and (Gran) Metalik. You come here and you have all the people you mentioned – Santos Escobar, Raul, and Joaquin. There’s just so much talent. So when you look at it in that manner, could we be very close to a Latino brand? Absolutely. But the timing has to be right for it and the time has to be right in the world.”

As Triple H pointed out, NXT has more than enough talented stars to build a Latino brand of NXT. It’s just a matter of timing, as there are numerous other obstacles that could prevent this show from becoming a reality. For example, travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic could hamstring this potential expansion.

Triple H on the current status of opening other WWE NXT brands

NXT UK might just be the beginning of WWE
NXT UK might just be the beginning of WWE’s expansion.

Triple H, often known as the “Father of NXT,” also talked about finding the right time to expand WWE’s global presence around the world. He mentioned that the COVID-19 pandemic made this plan more difficult, but the goal was still to grow NXT. He mentioned the WWE Superstar Spectacle in India and talked about possibly utilizing local talent to open another NXT brand down the line.

“Given all the circumstances of the pandemic and everything else, it makes that challenge more difficult. It’s still a goal. I have talked about that a lot of times whether it be in business partner summits or anything like that.”

“The goal is still the same as you saw with the Superstar Spectacle for India. The intent to grow and have localized content and brand in India, and have other markets like that as well, much like we have done in the UK. In the UK I felt that we were just nicking the surface of where it’s going to go. There’s massive opportunity there, the timing has to be right. We are going to evaluate that. But when we do it, we are going to do it right, and do it big. It doesn’t make sense to just do it to do it.”

For the moment, WWE has a long way to go in its hopes of truly expanding on a global level. But its NXT UK brand has been a successful step in this mission. With potential growth in NXT India and/or a Latino brand, it seems like WWE could have an NXT brand for practically every major country sooner rather than later.

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